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Spare Ammo 8 years ago
Things keep being added here, right now BL is working on the database but all those things will probably happen especially if people ask for them.
Thanks :)
Great, thanks!
Spare Ammo 8 years ago
I can't read any of the comments except the first two, grey text on grayish background is not working.
Thanks! I need to figure out how to change the text color, or I'll fix the background.
Spare Ammo 8 years ago
Thank you! That was a pretty screen but impossible to read text on.
I appreciate the feedback. It's hard to tell, since I don't get to actually see it.
Spare Ammo 8 years ago
No problem, if you have any sort of problem with your page BL has been very responsive to complaints.
Good to know :)
I quit using it as a book catalog site long ago, it just doesn't cut it for me. But I like to read the posts, and I post from time to time too. Hope you stick around, but I'll see you at GR too.
Thanks! There are a few folks here that left GoodReads that I'd like to hear from, so I'll probably check in on occasion.