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Are they spamming you with this? Is it in the ads? I turned on an ad blocker.
No, it's the pop up you get when you first sign up. If you don't fill it out and just bypass you get it each and every time you log on. There is a "later" option, but no "no" option. And it's beginning to tick me off, particularly after the non response I got to my request for privacy options.
Ah, I just keep my computer on, and signed into BL, so... That's why I haven't gotten this.
Typically I do too but I also get it when I refresh the screen from my phone. And when my web browser reloads. I want a " none of your business" option.
Weeeird. I don't get it when I sign onto my phone and my phone won't keep my details in there. I haven't tried in the past couple of days, though.
Maybe you clicked the genre boxes when you first signed up and just don't remember.
It could be.
I added a screen shot.
It.... looks vaguely familiar. Maybe I did that when I first signed up?
That would be my guess. I also see it randomly when I refresh my screen. Grrrr.