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What really bugs me about this is sex starved. Excuse me, but if they haven't made their sex life public, what business it is of yours if they have sex or not? That just disgusts me so very much.

And yes, I realize this is a fake character. But it happens in real life. I've been told I like robots because no one else would want me based on my pictures online, so... yes, people go way, way past comfort levels and what's their damn business.

And I keep getting told I'll end up having babies/a husband/whatever, and I have to bite my tongue and not tell strangers why they are so very wrong!
Yup, it's very misogynistic. Geez, doesn't that make you want to read their books? If this is the level of respect they have for women?
Yeah, I know. And, look, a misogynistic woman... because I haven't seen /that/ ever before. /sarcasm.
I also think they write this stuff for their fans and fellow authors, never thinking its out on the internet where anyone can, and does, see it.
And because I don't want to read their books after this, and have shelved them that way on GR, they see that as "bully" behavior.
Don't you know they can mock readers, but you can't say boo against them?

You big meanie, you!