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nospin 8 years ago
I agree with you - that review is fine.
I also got a kick out the "review" posted by one of the co-authors, "This book is AMAZING. How do I know? I co-wrote it, that's how!" It made me chuckle.
I think this review is fine. I remember when Elly did one that said, 'GR gives me the option, and it's driving me nuts not doing one. So hopefully this will squash the urge to review my own book.'

No star rating, nothing but honestly about a totally human compulsion. I thought it was hilarious, and honest, and brave, and I told her so at the time.
Yup. I don't have a problem with authors posting a "review" of their book on GR since GR allows it and displays clearly it's a review from the author.

It's when they post using sock puppet accounts to make it appear it's posted by an unbiased consumer it is an issue.

And it does look a bit silly if the author attempts to actually "review" their own book. The honest, "hey, of course I think it's awesome, I wrote it" "reviews" look better. I've also seen authors using that space to give a little info about what inspired them, etc., or, something like your example. That's ok with me, too.
Yes, exactly! Just be honest about it, and we're cool!