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Debbie's Spurts 8 years ago
I came here for the social scene with goodreads exiles. With no book database at the time, I knew it wasn't for non-blogger me (plus if I wanted a blog page or a website to customize I'd just have one without booklikes). Then they got the book database I was whining for. But broke almost everything else.

I can do a blog post (no drafts and no way of ever editing the thing again) and because someone shared a notification link I can follow some older conversations. That's it for me; most of the other menus no longer work, I cannot scroll down to see older dashboard posts so only ever see the ones just posted, I have draft reviews I'll never find again to post, forget shelving books (well, I can sometimes get onto the top 3-4 shelves, currently reading mostly works for me), and the stuff down righthand column like changing reading status...

I was really starting to enjoy all the posts from people here. On goodreads and other sites, I tended to friend people with books in common and follow some that had interesting reviews -- here, everyone was initially rather lost and just friending everyone. The variety was fun; even if many reviews were on books I'd never read.

You are spot on about privacy. Plus, even when you block someone or ask booklikes to block for you and report them for problems -- they just disappear from your view but get to stay on booklikes (a shitload of spam accounts selling time shares and crap; nevermind author sockpuppet accounts or attacking accounts that don't get removed). I'm waiting for them to give us a data export. And more privacy settings.

Maybe if they fix the broken bits, add some more robust features for things other than blogging (groups/discussion-room really need some beefing up before I think they will take off) ... privacy settings are needed. I say that as someone that seldom keeps a completely private profile; but, the option needs to be there. This just isn't a book site to me currently; it's just another way to blog.
Thank you so much for your comments Debbie! Will have to reply more later, but I wanted to let you know I saw this and I appreciate hearing your thoughts and info.