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"that made her ass look like a pair of puffed-up marshmallows suspended on two sexy sticks,"'
I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be horny or hungry here. I mean, I've never seen an ass and thought 'puffed-up marshmallows.'

The whole 'suspended on two sexy sticks' just is the icing on the cake. Seeing as suspended means something is hanging, all I can see is a big, fat ass - the marshmallow comment makes me think it's kinda jiggly, which makes me think huge - hanging over two sticks. I'm sorry: two sexy sticks.
Amanda Says 2 years ago
It's ridiculous, really. And that particular quote is just the tip of the iceberg.
Hol 2 years ago
Oh my God, that quote at the end is hilarious! In all seriousness though it angers me when writers are that lazy and use ridiculous similies. Did you see my review of Unteachable by Leah Raeder? She writes new adult and it was amazing. Her and Tarryn Fisher are my absolute favourite new-adult authors.
Amanda Says 2 years ago
I just went back to read your review; great review!

I haven't read any book by Reader or Fisher, even though both authors pop up in my feed from time to time. I've been meaning to read something by them; would you recommend any particular book by either author? :)