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Ooooooh! Tea? Nice post.
Sure, drop by whenever ;)
Mammarella 7 years ago
Have you read the annotated edition? I can lose myself in that book for weeks.
Nope, I've read books about Tolkien and his writing ;) Remember, getting things in English is not that easy for me (ebook of something I love doesn't do it for me). I grew up with the Polish translation and only recently began to discover how much was lost along the way.
Mammarella 7 years ago
I grew up with the Russian translation, which I read in second grade. It was a great fairy tale for an 8 year old. But then, about 15 years later I somehow I ended up with a hardcover of and fell in love with it all over again.
I highly recommend it. If you ever get a chance to purchase the actual DTB, don't pass the opportunity!

ISBN13 9780395476901
Thanks! I'll be on a lookout ;)
Yes, when someone hates it (or doesn't appreciate the genius) I have a truly adverse reaction XD