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Great Imaginations 11 years ago
There is a bug of some kind. This was mentioned somewhere yesterday and they seem to be aware of it, but if I were you, I would contact them about it. Bu
t just so you know, no one is deleting anything on purpose.
I don't want to bother them, since they probably know about this. But a few tutorials (especially my yesterday one about shelving) were labour intensive (quite frankly that's the one I care about, since people were asking about it and it was very annoying one to make, since it felt like I'm talking about obvious stuff)

Good thingg I found my rant, though, cause I love it and want to keep it as a memento ^^ My reviews stayed intact, as far as I know, so that's something.
Great Imaginations 11 years ago
I'm just sorry it happened. It happened to someone else yesterday too. Your tutorials are awesome, btw. Thank you for making them!