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Litchick's Hit List 9 years ago
Me thinks I need to try this series.
If you do read it, start from prequels. First part of Riyria Revelations is off-putting (at least that's what I think, but many people loved it and swear it's awesome and that Avempartha, the second book, is worse)
rameau's ramblings 9 years ago
I read the reprints but I think I liked the first book better than this second. It is predictable but the characters and the banter were a joy read. An entertaining read.
I don't know if my review of the first one is on this site, but it was so crude... The way worldbuilding conversations were forced? Too convenient characters that a) are commodities for plot building and nothing more b) their stories don't make logical sense... And for me pacing was off.

Maybe I'm biased, because I' started with prequels to the series (I got ARCs) and they were better, so by comparison The Crown Conspiracy didn't wow me.
rameau's ramblings 9 years ago
It didn't wow me either but I think there was some of that magic that comes from finding a good (even if not great) fantasy novel series. The feeling that a new world is about to open up to you. Avempartha might have been better from a technical standpoint, but it had less of that magic and awe for me. Also, it was boring for quite a bit.
XD I guess starting with prequels really did me in, because for me the world wasn't new, the story wasn't new and prequels were... Masterful at parts. Endings in them were amazingly exciting. So I guess the element that made the first part of Revelations better for you, for me wasn't there. It's so nice to see it from different perspective.
Khanh the Killjoy 9 years ago
To be honest, I'd be perfectly happy being a shark if I could munch on raw fish my entire life. I LOVE SASHIMI.
If I were a shark, I'd starve. I don't eat anything that considers water natural habitat.