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Litchick's Hit List 11 years ago
Well, at least one person does ^^ And that makes me ridiculously happy :D
Litchick's Hit List 11 years ago
One of the many reasons we get along so well ^_^
Litchick's Hit List 11 years ago
Also, thanks so much for this!
Library Liz·ard 11 years ago
wheeeeeeeeee, can't wait to try it..def some things are annoying me on mine and when i tried, valiantly, to change them yesterday is was a no-go!! thank youuu!!
You're most welcome! If there is a magic button that allows to do what I just did, please tell me. ^^ Maybe I'm making idiot of myself once again.
If I understand you correctly, no widget will be needed ^^ Where do you want your 'currently reading' shelf display to go? Take print screen, and the area red in paint. I'll see what I can do.
Dawid Piaskowski 11 years ago
Your tutorials are AMAZING!
Thank you ^^ Kilka lat temu tworzyłam szablony dla znajomych, którzy mieli blogi. Powoli sobie przypominam jak działał kod HTML XD
Dawid Piaskowski 11 years ago
heheheheh :-D
Simple Joy 11 years ago
Thanks for this!!! Very helpful.
Rachel the Book Harlot 11 years ago
Thanks so much for this!
Library Liz·ard 11 years ago
I love how I keep coming back to your page and it looks different! :D Also, how did you get the reading challenge background to be transparent?? I colored mine but I want to see through it!
Tutorial in progress ^^ Should be up in a few hours
Library Liz·ard 11 years ago
you rock!
I love your tuts - Thanks for posting them! :)
Thanks for your support!
Okay, I swear I tried on my own! I tried to apply this tutorial to changed the color of my description/blog title font, but no such luck. D: I feel like I've scrolled through tons of HTML and haven't even been able to find it. x.x
There's nothing in this tutorial about changing colour of your description under blog title! Title itself can be change in a window for customizing your blog. No need to go into html.
I meant I tried to apply the same idea in general font color changes. (: Thank you for these tutorials by the way!
I'll do a quick tutorial ^^ It's really easy. you need to add three words. It should be up in less then an hour.

I don't want to make too many of those because:
a) I'm afraid people will get angry at me for spamming them
b) I don't want to post obvious things... I don't know what poses a problem for others. So I don't know what to cover. This one is easy, fortunately. :D
Oh yay! For what it's worth, I don't think you're spamming--and people like me don't know how to do much of anything. :D You're a lifesaver.
my god, I can't believe it took me until now to GET it.....I should hang my head in shame.....and cleanse my mind because obviously I thought of something entirely different. xD
Well, html Yoda has some nasty thoughts, I see. XD Hey, at least you're a second person to understand a joke! That makes me feel less lonely ^^
yes, nasty thoughts indeed. i mean, I've entered that code so many times, how could i NOT see it? xD I blame it on a stressful week, and the weather xD
I admit it was a bad joke, but "ffffffff" is mostly what I kept on saying when I was looking for that pesky code, and then I couldn't help it. I have no restraint when it comes to bad jokes. They make me happy.
Last time I wrote code was about 6 years ago. Trust me, I know what you mean. I was so frustrated! I couldn't remember a thing! But it came back to me. Slowly. Well, at least some of it did. Rest is still fucking around somewhere. My HTML knowledge is mostly AWOL.
Don't Stop Readin' 11 years ago
I made a few changes 9which seemed easier to me. LOL), rest pissed me off, but tha
nks a lot! :D
For everything apart from comment section you can use Stylebot (addon for google chrome) It's very easy to use.

Link to a very short tutorial about that tool:
Don't Stop Readin' 11 years ago
I mainly needed it for my comment section, for everything else I took the easier way out. I changed my background picture itself. :P
But thanks anyway. :)
The thing is I really wanted white font on a dark bg. And it's an easy way (at least for me) It's just pasting the same piece of code to all links(hrefs) (which you find using a search engine...) Doing it all took me only a few minutes.

I know this tutorial may seem pretty crazy ^^ I'm not very good at explaining things.

I'm glad at least part of it was useful to you.
The Nrrdling (Aryn) 11 years ago
Aha! Thank you! Thanks to a helpful comment on my page I found this, and with a little tweaking (courtesy of another helpful comment on my page) I was able to give my comments section a transparent-ish background.
Hi! I checked out your page and there is a problem with using that command for text that is supposed to be often read - "opacity" affects a whole section, including text. Still, I'm happy it worked out for you.

What I did here is different. That opaque patch is simply part of my background image ;) That's why font is 100% visible. I'm working on creating a html code for it, but currently I'm a bit busy.

The Nrrdling (Aryn) 11 years ago
I did notice that when I was playing with the code. Luckily my background seems to be solid enough that it's still readable. I'll make sure I keep an eye on your page for when you do get that up and coded though. =)
IF I do it. I'm not sure it's worth the effort ^^ I promise nothing (just to be on a safe side), but now I'm more motivated ;)
Thank you! I'm still trying to get the shelves and stuff to be white, but I'm sure it's just me sucking at HTML. It took me far, far, far too long to figure out how to make the comments in white, so I could have my black background, but if you didn't have such a great tutorial I wouldn't have been able to do it at all. (I totally own up to the suckage on my part being 100% of the reason it took me so long!)
For shelves and the rest (beside comments section) use stylebot.
That should be easier for you ;)
-_- I clearly don't get this. My timeline and followers/following pages are screwed. I'll learn, though!
If I can give a piece of advice:
a) if it's screwed beyond repair, just reset the templet
b) always copy entirety of your working html code and save it before messing with things. This way you don't have to reset and start from scratch. If you mess up, just take the good code and paste it. Saves a lot of nerves ^^
I did reset the template. It took me like an hour, but I've gotten it all figured out. I just need to do the little comment counter on the bottom which I forgot, but phew. It's done. Seriously, thank you. This post was making me crazy because it made me feel like I could never learn this stuff, and then after rereading it the tenth time, it just *clicked*. That's talent right there - I'm pretty much unteachable when it comes to this stuff, and you taught me. You have my undying gratitude!
... I reset everything, and my followers/following pages are still not showing up. Maybe I didn't do anything wrong. Regardless of my own fumbling with this, thank you. I feel somewhat more confident following HTML directions now :D
Sassafrass 11 years ago
worked like a charm, thanks!
I have no idea :(
You're welcome ^^
That was damned helpful. I loved the captions. I just have one question: how do I change the post text size? It's too big on the quotes, and tiny in the normal posts.
I'm not sure I know what you mean :(
Text in my posts looks tiny. More or less like the comments.
MMarte 8 years ago
So sad the pictures are gone.