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Library Liz·ard 11 years ago
THANK YOU! *runs off humming*
Lyndi 11 years ago
I really don't think you can change the font color inside the iframe, since that frame is technically a "page" we can't edit. But thank you bunches for the rest of the info, I didn't even consider customizing the widgets!
I agree, as it is a part of a widget that may be impossible to change. I just don't want to sound like I know for sure if it's impossible.
Yes. I believe I left different looking things on my pages... Oh well. I'll live. But if you want consistency, you have to make the same changes on each page.
The Book Ends Reviews 9 years ago
I realize that this post is from 2013 but everywhere it says "it looks like this" there's nothing to see. Did someone delete the pictures?

Just wondering,