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Litchick's Hit List 9 years ago
Mwah ha ha ha ha.
rtm 9 years ago
As a tech-tard, I'm still lost as to what you just posted. I'll get it eventually. Let me just re-read it 10 more times as I start clicking random buttons. I honestly can't say thanks enough for all these tips, tutorials, advice, etc.
When I figured it out I went "THE CAKE IS A LIEEEEEE" *a dramatic scream* You can't put a luscious, glowing, green button in my face (have I mentioned I love green?) and make it a trap. That is soooo mean. And all this time I had no idea.
rtm 9 years ago
LMAO! So true. If it's highlighted AND there's a number there, it's just begging me to click on it.
Library Liz·ard 9 years ago
YOU ARE BRILLIANT! I was just grumbling about this when I logged on for the first time today "31 notifications" um ok where do I start, WHERE DOES IT END!! :D :D
The Reading Obsession 9 years ago
This is completely amazing! Thanks!
Bun's Books 9 years ago
I watch and learn and admire!!
AnnaLund2011 9 years ago
Highlit buttons with numbers are beacons. They are irresistible. Thanks for this tip!