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Great Imaginations 9 years ago
Same. I am waiting for clarification from Dawid before I jump to any conclusions. That said, I am a bit worried. If he really did post there, why humor them at all?
Hey, I don't want to have a troll status! If you're going for a mythical creatures I demand at least status of an orc! A proper, oldschool, warcraft one.

Seriously though, if they did this it would be more like a badge of honour that anything else XD
Archer's Asylum 9 years ago
I'd rather be a fighting U'ruk-ai
I completely agree. The guy made one short response to them, and panic set in without any context. Worse, I believe the STGRB wants us to believe he is on their side, hence the dedicated post. My interpretation is that he is talking about actual internet trolls, which really do exist (we have seen Rick C do plenty of it lately!) and not the distorted definition giving by the STGRB.