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I know that you can block your followers, but you can also block your followings. Just saying. I have no idea what it means either.
I guess if someone found you and saved the address of your page, they wouldn't need any updates, would they? They could just mess with you without being a follower. That's why I thought it could be an option...
Sandi 11 years ago
Thanks for the info. I just blocked someone because 1) I didn't 'know' them & 2) their books made me uncomfortable.
Experiment BL626 11 years ago
Is there a way you can preemptively block someone without waiting for them to follow you and then block them?
Yes. You follow them. That's what this post was all about. You can actually block people you follow. I have no idea how that works, haven't tried it. But when/if you do, get back to me on this and share what you found out ^^
Experiment BL626 11 years ago
Wait. What? You have to follow them before you can block them? ugh. UGH. Omg, Booklikes. That's a horrible way to go about preemptively blocking someone. Last thing I want is to get the person's attention before I block that person. XP
I don't know. I haven't block anyone yet ^^ I live in a zen zone where no creeps follow me around. You can definitely block people that are following you (which usually are the ones that cause problems). You don't need to follow them then, because they're in your 'followers' tab.
Experiment BL626 11 years ago
Just re-read this post... and, yeah, that was a stupid question I asked there. This is what happens when I read and talk in the morning. Doh!
Experiment BL626 11 years ago
lol. Poor Khanh. Forever lonely. XD