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Their logic is illogical.
You don't really have to do much of anything to be on their hit-list. Like you said, guilt by association is good enough for them. I'm on their new hit-list, too, but wear it as a badge of honor. Now I know where to find several people who I couldn't before. :D
Kaia 11 years ago
I'm pretty sure it's guilt by association. Tells you everything you need to know about their MO, honestly. You don't have to speak a word about authors or even leave reviews; all you have to do is be friends with the wrong people and they'll tag you "badly behaving." Not sure how that's supposed to do anything about bullying.
Mammarella 11 years ago
You write tutorials someone might not able to understand? How horrible of you!

Can post the link to that list of criminals? Please? =)
I'd be careful going to their site, without a proxy.
But how did they find me? It's not like I'm popular. Holly Terror is popular! Rose is popular! Cory is popular! WTF?
Two words: Feedback thread >:|
The Holy Terror 11 years ago
Lol, I love it when I'm called "Holly" XD

; )
OMG, I didn't even noticed. XD Sorry. But Holly Terror has a nice ring to it (let's confuse the enemy!) Could be a nice movie too - Holly Terror, revenge of Christmas evergreens.
That would be......the most epic story ever. Someone write that!
Litchick's Hit List 11 years ago
LOOOOOOL! I think it's guilty by association.
Litchick's Hit List 11 years ago
They stalk the shit out of a few of us and you and I have had a convo or two on status updates and my reviews that they take offense to...which is most of them, btw.
I blame you *winks*
But it really shocked me XD I thought I were being remarkably polite most of the time. And fair.
Litchick's Hit List 11 years ago
You were, Anna. Don't try to apply logic to their choices, it'll only leave you more confused.
It's like playing chess with a pigeon; no matter how good I am at chess the pigeon is just going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board, and strut around like it's victorious.
Litchick's Hit List 11 years ago
LMFAO! That sounds about right.
Anna, that comment just made the No. 1 spot in my Top 10 list of things to be said about the STGRB crowd ...
Brilliant analogy! LMAO...
Dawid Piaskowski 11 years ago
When they mess with our users they mess with me! ]:-|
Litchick's Hit List 11 years ago
*internet high five*
Witty Little Knitter 11 years ago
I wish I could up-vote this comment more than once (I know this is a very cliched thing to say but very apropriate here)
Kaia 11 years ago
Dawid is our hero!
It's cool. On BL if someone is bothering us, we can block them and then... Nirvana. :D Here we're free to ignore them (which I think is what most of us want)
What Litchick and Kaia said!
TheBookofJules 11 years ago
Dawid, you are so boss. :D
Loederkoningin 11 years ago
So what if we don't have an edit button, PM option and still feel like floating around alone at sea in little dingy's? I'm staying on BL for this kickass reply from Dawid alone.
Sandi 11 years ago
Wish I knew how to 'like' that comment, that's a CEO I can respect. Although I was disappointed my name wasn't on the list I was gratified a number of my friends were.
Loederkoningin 11 years ago
Hmm..So not everyone's name is on their list then? I'd never even heard of that website until this whole Goodreads censorship debate started, but I commented plenty in the Feedback thread and apparently that's enough to earn you a spot on their list.
JennyJen 11 years ago
No More Booklikes, BYE 11 years ago
Dawid you are the rock !
Mammarella 11 years ago
I am with Kaia. Apply 6 degrees of separation and all of a sudden you're The Al Qaeda of someone's universe. Don't they say it's WHO you know?
Mammarella 11 years ago
Dawid, you rock!
Derrolyn Anderson 11 years ago
I'm pretty sure it's by association. I choose not to rate or review and I made it :)
Don't worry about this crap. They just put stuff on there to get a reaction out of people so the best thing you can do is ignore it and tutorial on :)
XD I think I'm out of tutorial ideas. Which is good, since my uni starts tomorrow.
Derrolyn Anderson 11 years ago
Yay for Dawid! XOXOXO
Witty Little Knitter 11 years ago
Their logic cannot work the way earth-logic does (I did write a post about BBAs here but didn't make it on the list...)
how did you block them Barbara?
You go to your followers tab an once you hover a mouse over someone an option appears in right top corner.
Mammarella 11 years ago
Funny how they are turning exactly into what they claim they are not (and I quote: Taking a Stand Against Bullies) and what they say they are running from. There is a wisdom in there, somewhere, but I am not a wise person. Just hanging around and trying to have some fun in the sun.
Keep in mind they use their own dictionary when it comes to defining terms such as bullies, trolls...etc. 'Badly Behaving' extends to include any one who is friendly with their enemies, or who says anything against them in public. Still, even for them it is mind boggling you got on the list, but not surprising.
Aly's Miscellany 11 years ago
Should I congratulate you Anna? :))
Aly's Miscellany 11 years ago
BTW, maybe they didn't like your profile pic? :D
But... But... This one doesn't have "protest improvements"...

Oh, wait, I've been reading 1984, maybe that's why?
Aly's Miscellany 11 years ago
Definitely :))
Kaia 11 years ago
It might even be because you liked my post. I'm sorry. :(
It's cool. I don't mind at all. If they can't hurt you, ignore them. It doesn't work in real life but is great for the internet. ^^

As they say, dog's are always allowed to bark. You just don't react.
Sandi 11 years ago
I would if I could figure out how!
I got on their list of "blogs to avoid" a while back. I don't even remember what set them off, but then logic is not applicable here.
I think word 'logic' doesn't fit here. It would be more like modus operandi.
None of what they post makes any sense whatsoever. I got guilted by association too. It bugged me for 0.00001 second, and then I got over it. Wear the badge proudly.
Hey! Me too, isn't that interesting. Guilt by association, feels like High School all over again. Yay. (pathetic)
I shall refer to this list as "People I Seriously Have To Follow On BookLikes"
XD Strangely the most relevant reviewers are there. Do you really want to be friends with someone that gave "50 shades of colour that shall not be named" five stars? I probably don't. And people from that list call authors on their bullshit. Walking Disaster you say? Garbage! BAM! A bully was born.
Yeah that's how I look at it too. I'm on their hitlist because I was on their Amazon list. I figured they'd stalk me to this place and they didn't disappoint. I don't review, I never had any BBA shelves at GR, but I'm on their list because I call out their bad behaviour when I think it merits it.
Mammarella 11 years ago
I am so going to read that now! More links, pretty please! (sorry to bug you for them, but I am really curious)
Sandi 11 years ago
I follow people who like all kinds of stuff (but I do balk when I see someone give 5 stars to Hush Hush and 50 Shades), but it basically is a list of people who speak their minds and dare to be honest in their reviews. That equals badass.
Liz Loves Books.Com. 11 years ago
I have to say though, its kind of like having a badge of honour these days right? I mean if you are on THAT list you are OBVIOUSLY doing something right. And I want to say. I am very appreciative of David he wants this site to be fun and it WILL BE GODARNIT. :)
yes. Always use a proxy.
Rachel the Book Harlot 11 years ago
JFC, those people really need to get a life. Sorry that happened to you Anna, but think of it as a badge of honor
Can someone make a post about how to use a proxy if they want to look at STGRB? I'd do it but I'm not very technical. If someone posts it I will reblog it.
For example: - Open a new tab, go to the proxy site I listed. Then you simply type in the site you want to visit. Basically, it will give one consistent IP for you, that's linked to anonymouse. Many proxies function that way.
Can you post that separately? That way if it keeps getting reblogged people can learn how to use it.
Yep. I've discovered some awesome blogs thanks to STGRB, and now it looks like they've found me some more. Yay!
I have a changing IP. Good luck with tracking me...
I follow only people I had some interactions with or if I read their reviews and we have mutual friends. I'm not comfortable otherwise. Sorry if it offends someone that thinks I must reciprocate, but that's the reality.
Reflections 11 years ago
Wow! But I too am using the list to find new people to follow.
Drea's Book Fetish 11 years ago
all it takes is one comment or one aggreement against the BBA's. They were stalking our threads on GR and now here and take anything said or liked out of context. F! them and their bullshit. I'm glad I am already following you, I'm proud of everyone on that list! and woohoo Dawid! way to represent!
TheBookofJules 11 years ago
OMG, I'm on there, too! LOL! I've never been on their list before, so this is hysterical. I'm not sure why I'm on there, either, but I'm sure it's because a lot of my closest friends on GR and BL are the "bullies". It is probably guilt by association, but OWN IT! ;)
The Holy Terror 11 years ago
You've actually always been on their list, but they linked to a different Freebird profile. They also think you were kicked off GR. Their investigative skills leave something to be desired.
TheBookofJules 11 years ago
LOL! How weird! I wonder whose profile they linked and why they, erroneously, think I was kicked off when my profile is one of the remaining ones at GR, I
why my GR profile is on there, too, but I can't believe I was in the cool kids club this whole time and didn't know! :(
"Guilt by association, But OWN IT!" This needs to be on a t-shirt. Now!
TheBookofJules 11 years ago
Challenge accepted! :D
Liz Loves Books.Com. 11 years ago
If you are on the list you get an automatic follow from me AND an assumption that you speak truth (most of the time. None of us do ALL of the time!) :D
TheBookofJules 11 years ago
Anna! You were removed from the list! I just posted about how I was on that list, too, and when i went through I saw that you had been removed. I wonder what is happening?
TheBookofJules 11 years ago
It's a good thing you took that screen shot, though.
I wrote to them... 0.0 I didn't think they'd listen.
TheBookofJules 11 years ago
Wow! Let us know if they write back to you.
Liz Loves Books.Com. 11 years ago
I don't think it matters anyway. The latest post from BookLikes tells us what is expected of us within the community and how things will be dealt with if there are complaints etc. Don't think it could be clearer or fairer so hey. Lets get back to the fun stuff. The reading/reviewing and general blathering on about books. AND their authors if relevent. AND you know, chocolate and stuff. Or cats. Whatever. Enjoyment being the main thing. Incidentally Dawid seems to be getting a bit of hassle on Twitter for, you know, being a good guy. Ah well.
Miranda 11 years ago
Yeah. I am here for all the fun stuff, talking books, reviewing, meeting new people. I am not going to let those jerks destroy BL for me. They did already with GR and no matter what they say or do, at the end of the day they are still jerks and we will have fun here ;-)
Derrolyn Anderson 11 years ago
Now they're just messing with people! Don't feel bad - I made the Goodread
s list but not the Booklikes list :(
I didn't make it to the GR (where I actually said things about books) but made it here... No rhyme or reason to it.
‘No rhyme or reason to it.’

Yup, that's their motto in a nutshell. :/
Miranda 11 years ago

I am sure the list changes over time, and more BookLikers will be added to it, but thats the original list as I posted it first in the Everything BookLikes group on GR.
It doesn't display a picture. There's some problem with it.
Miranda 11 years ago
Cant say whats the prob is. The screenshot works for me. But I know that someone on GR said it didnt open for her.
Kaia 11 years ago
I think they may have removed a bunch of people. Just like them, always trying to cover their tracks when people call them out on their bullshit.
Yes. Their long-standing modus operandi, that.
No More Booklikes, BYE 11 years ago
I don't know how you did it. How did you get on this ridiculous list. I follow your reviews and respect you and several more on this list. Questions- who decides who makes the cut ? Who bullies the reviewers by putting them on this list ? Which person is so morally superior that they have the ability to make these decisions ?
Labels are a very hurtful and dangerous thing to pin on a person.
Thank you for support, that's very kind.

I think it's just by association, since I have barely started reviewing books and had no time to offend anyone. Which makes me even more doubt their credibility (yes, I know, I didn't think they had any left to lose)
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 11 years ago
Actually as long as they really do use that list to block people so that none of them should be able to read any of your posts - well, in theory you shouldn't see any of them in your comments. Which is kind of a win.
That's why I love BL. If they bother us we can block them and pretend they don't exist.
They missed me...Oh noes! I will just have to be okay with just being on their GR list!
Archer's Asylum 11 years ago
I feel for you. I've been on their lists since last year sometime. It's nothing but bullshit. Yes, you are intact guilty by association in their eyes.
Liz Loves Books.Com. 11 years ago
Doesnt being on the list mean MORE people will read what you have to say rather than less? Perhaps its not that bad being listed - everyone immediately pays attention to you whereas prior to being listed they would have never read what you have to say. I'm quite grateful to the list. I've found some wonderful people to follow. Perhaps not the intention but surely the result :)
It's weird, because I never had a fight with an author or heard any complaints. I'm not sad about being listed (*they haven't done anything to me yet), just surprised, I genuinely would like to know what prompted them to put me there. And maybe a bit worried about their eventual follow-up

Yes, this list contains strangely nice, reasonable people that are prolific reviewers. ^^ But after what I heard about possible harassment that doesn't seem like a good place to be. I don't need psychos trying to get me fired...
Liz Loves Books.Com. 11 years ago
Thats true. I think you need to trust that the majority of reasonable people, looking at your name on the list, THEN looking at the people who put you there, would know exactly the difference between right and wrong. I know that I have never been derogatory about any author, or indeed reviewer..and I'm willing to stand on my own reputation to be honest. You all should be too because you have done nothing wrong. At all. ANY of you. So, thats the way I look at it :0
Derrolyn Anderson 11 years ago
I agree with Liz. Being listed probably drives a lot more attention to anyone's reviews, and the really legit people know the score.

I'm a writer who doesn't review and I have not nor would I ever (NEVER EVER!) complain about a review. I got listed because I pointed out a truly heinous spammer. I lost a few friends and fans after they posted my name, but I'm not losing too much sleep about it.

Publicity is publicity, and In this crowded field it's hard enough to get noticed. As Warhol said:
"Pay no attention to what they say about you, just measure it in inches."
IKR? So sweet of them to save me the time & effort of scrolling thru 4 different GR threads. :D
willaful 11 years ago
They literally think that anyone who disagrees with them is part of some organized cabal. Guilt by association is their stock in trade.
The Surly Dragon 11 years ago
It is sad when what started as an anti-bullying site has turned into a bully themselves :( Two wrongs never make a right, just as reviewing and rating a book you haven't read as a reviewer, or going after someone who left a negative review of your book (the book, not you as a person) as an author is never the appropriate or right thing to do. I find creating bookshelves that label an author in a disrespectful manner to be unprofessional and something that speaks volumes of the reviewer, but the same can be said for creating shelves and list that label a reviewer in a disrespectful manner to be just as inappropriate and telling of someone's character (or lack thereof).
The Holy Terror 11 years ago
My comment got cut off so I'll just say, visit - safe to visit without a proxy. It hasn't been updated since April but you'll get the gist of things. They were NEVER an anti-bullying site.

Their first post was about me and listed my first name and last initial, my husband's name, where we liked to go out to eat and at what times, where I lived, and in the comments they discussed my sexual life and made fun of my appearance as well as my physical and alleged mental health. None of this has anything to do with book reviews and has everything to do with trying to bully, silence, and intimidate me into not speaking up about bad author behavior.
I wonder if I could contact them and have them add me to their list. If anyone is associated with the site and is here, I want them to black me ASAP!
Howdy YAL! 11 years ago
TheBookofJules 11 years ago
LOL, Lyn, I love you!
Lyndi 11 years ago
No worries, Lyn, you're one of STGRB's "Top Ten Most Stalked" - they got you ;)
I've missed you! Glad to see you here!
Dammit, I wanna be one of the cool kids! (pouts)
Kaia 11 years ago
Keep talking with us and you'll probably make it eventually. STGRB logic dictates that you can't simply talk to people because you like talking to them; you MUST be part of an enormous anti-STGRB conspiracy clique.
Archer's Asylum 11 years ago
Also you'll be organised and a criminal gang member, as well as a fully fledged cyber terrorist
TheBookofJules 11 years ago
Wow, we are all of those things? We sure keep busy! ;)
Witty Little Knitter 11 years ago
Me too :( I feel so...ignored
Derrolyn Anderson 11 years ago
Never fear, some fool author will give you a reason to comment on their bad behavior someday. There seems to be no shortage of butthurt SPAs hell bent on giving all
indies a bad name.
I checked them out in a library (I had 4 hours of free time between classes...) I lost faith in humanity :(
seriously, I feel bad that I'm not on that list :)
Drea's Book Fetish 11 years ago
thank you Charmingly Euphemistic, I was trying to find a proxy for that
You are no longer on the list, I guess the backlash in adding you was too much!