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I hope BookLikes will make a change there so that we can disable notifications for a certain post instead of having to disable all comments, or delete single comments
Yes, that would be nice. But for now that option will have to do.
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 11 years ago
I suspect PM's are pretty far up the to-do list for BL. And/or notification tweaking. At least they don't default to spamming me with an email for every comment just because I forgot to change the setting on every post I made.

And today is Thursday, new feature day!
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 11 years ago
Doh. Who went and put that extra day in the week. It's only Wednesday :(
XD I hate wednesdays. I have 6 hours of German. In a row :/
Witty Little Knitter 11 years ago
Oh God...isn't that classified as some sort of torture? :P (I mean anything 6 hours in a row would but I can't imagine being able to concentrate on a foreign language that long)
The worst we ever got was two hours chemistry, followed by two hours biology by the same teacher (whom I couldn't stand...)
I have it good. My friend has 8 hours of German on Friday till 10 pm. (yes, we are day students... lol). And when I say hours, I mean from 12 o'clock till 6 pm with one fifteen minute break in between. I will protest my schedule. This is insanity! I can't focus for that long on one thing! It's counter-productive.
What a great idea!! I'd love to stop getting notifications from the booklikes wishlist blog. O.O
Then delete your comments. You can do that ^^
But I don't want them to lose my comments. LOL Though I suppose they've been there for a week...
That's why I said that it should be applied only to a designated comments' page. I just changed settings, so that now I don't get e-mail notifications when someone writes a new comment. When you scroll through notifications on their page it's easy to sift through stuff. No problem there.