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Litchick's Hit List 9 years ago
Okay, this looks really good. I love it when I don't see things coming, when game changers slap me upside the head in this way. Great review!
They're not really plot twists. More like little things (conversations) that make you unsure of who's who and what is really going on. You think you know what something means and what a persons intentions are, and then you just don't. I'm really enjoying this series, even though it's not my favourite type of book.
I'm not sure if it's even humanly possible XD Last year when everyone was serious and sitting calmly near the classroom door I decided to go on an epic quest of discovery (read: I was running around the building laughing like a psycho and encouraging others to join me.) But how could I not do it! There are 6 stairwells, 5 floors, a cellar, and some stairwell doors are open only on certain floors and only one stairs lead to the 5th one, and some corridors are connected to each other, so you can go round and round and... Yes. I had an immense amount of fun :D

So no, I don't think I could grow up. I'm a lost cause. But what I can do, if I try real hard, is use full sentences. Teachers are very cross with me when I don't :(
NOOOOOOOOOO! I deleted your comment! I'm sooooo sorry ;C I wanted to delete mine... Forgive me? *cute pleading cat eyes*
Litchick's Hit List 9 years ago
Ha! That explains it. I was so frigging confused.
I read the chronological order, because I got ARCs. It's a good series so far, but if I started with a first book (that one was a mess, I don't care that people say it's, like, the best evaaaaa) I probably wouldn't go for the rest.

It depends on what a reader prefers. From what I've heard the ending is epic. I don't know if I'd want to read prequels after something like that.