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I don't even know where to start after reading this...good grief. What a waste of time.
I kind of hate it. And you MUST attend ALL the classes - otherwise you fail. So I'm just sitting there wondering when I'll finally snap and start killing people.
Litchick's Hit List 9 years ago
Let me know when you think you might go postal and I'll fly over to help. That professor is MINE.
Cool. That would be fun! I swear, the next time I hear someone speak about 'adopting a teaching method to the needs of a class' I won't bite my tongue. That's probably why we have no tables, only chairs. You can't flip a table when you're royally pissed... Everything makes sense now.
Litchick's Hit List 9 years ago
Chairs make excellent weapons though...
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 9 years ago
Heh. I have a class this year that has for one week's reading assignment to read Paul Auster's New York Trilogy. In English.
And last week people were complaining they didn't have time to read all of Art Spiegelman's Maus (admittedly that's two books, but it's a graphic novel for crying out loud).

I'm kind of looking forward to the whining the week we do Auster... but only because I actually already read it so I don't have to cram it into a week.
Last year in History of the British Isles we had to choose a book about history or culture of UK (yes, a book about the Beatles qualified) and read... 100 pages of it! That's right! God forbid we'd read a whole book during one year!
And people still were moaning about it.
How does it feel to throw your money at that......makes me very angry.
In Poland higher education is free ^^ Now they've actually limited it to one faculty (you have to pay for more) but even two years ago you could study as much as you want (funded from taxes). So it feels pretty good, actually.

I blame students that come to my teaching college. Teachers are mostly qualified, but I feel like murdering most of my peers. I used to study sociology (two years) and we had to read a shit-load-megaton of difficult, academic texts. I switched faculties and now can't believe how fucked up level we have there. It's ridiculous.
Ohhh gotcha. Now that make sense. Still, it seems like you would want to be challenged in class. I can slack off all on my own with no help from my professor;) My sister is getting her PhD and she says that the whining and student slackery is so prevelent, she often wants to scream at her students and even at other PhD students.
Because sometimes you just hate people - this is why I usually keep a book in front of me to fend off the unpleasant reality of rampant idiocy, growing illiteracy and aggressive inarticulate-ion.
TheBookofJules 9 years ago
What!? I am reading eight books this semester. Ten, if you count the ones in Spanish. And this is relatively normal. Have you read Beowulf before?
I don't know how many we'll read this semester. Just that apparently two weeks aren't enough to get through Beowulf :/ I guess since students weren't reading it anyway, he wants us to at least get a feel of the story and remember something - and most people will remember a movie that they've watched better, than a book they haven't read.

I haven't read Beowulf before. I'm actually looking forward to this class ^^ Though an absolute lack of testing concerns me.
TheBookofJules 9 years ago
Hopefully you will get to read a lot of books this semester. I recommend Beowulf, it is soooooo good :)
May I humbly suggest the Seamus Heany translation?
Sure, thanks for a suggestion ^^ It's very much appreciated
Also, college? I had the first book of The Divine Comedy to be read one Monday, the second on Wednseday, the third on Friday. Or that week I had Moby Dick and Middlemarch due on the same week. Yeah, I don't get the not rading...
reading, not rading.
I don't get this university either. I firmly believe my fellow students are inebriate lazy bums and I hate them more and more every day. A week ago one of them asked me what is a Saudi Arabia...
I'm a Tolkien fan too ^^ I grew up reading his book (and having them read to me when I was too young to read)
AnnaLund2011 9 years ago
god, we had to read it in Old English. still stuck in my brain: "Grendel gongan, godes yrre bær" (Grendel walking, bearing the wrath of god).
Happy times.
That wouldn't work with us XD Majority of student's doesn't speak English very well... Old English? Pff. That would be fun to watch.
Jesus. Well, Heany won the Nobel. His translation is amazing!
-_- You need new school. And I have a second on the Heany. Now you must read it!
I like my school. It's the best one! Well, ok, maybe that particular faculty has some issues... But that's because of level of people that enrol. Recently on of our teachers left. He said he can't take it any more.

I'll try to find this translation (or just watch a movie ;) seem like a good option for a literature class)
AnnaLund2011 9 years ago
This was at an Italian university. I, being Swedish, was distinctly at an advantage, as the Old English reads like quite silly Scandinavian. I promise you, the Italians were not happy.
Me? I loved it. Every minute of it. Some things just stay with you for life. And your college years? That's when you're supposed to collect those little gems. Do your very best!
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 9 years ago
I was just thinking, that almost reads like a drunk 5 year old writing in swedish. At least if you say it out loud it does.
AnnaLund2011 9 years ago
exactly! totally true. silly Scandinavian, for the win. and as for reading it out loud?
That is the ONLY WAY to read poetry in any language.
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 9 years ago
Anna (both of you) if you haven't already read it, you should take a look at this (linking Batgrl's review, because of all it's awesome):
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 9 years ago
Or apparently not linking it. But you can c/p it :)
AnnaLund2011 9 years ago
ha! thank you for that link! Ariosto is one of my absolute favorites, but I've never read him in English translation. This looks like a good one! I love it when I find Medieval nerds.
Ariosto? Was one of the very best comedians of his time. The Italian writer Italo Calvino does a brilliant resumé of the whole work, retelling the story in his own words. Brilliant people are brilliant.
I love literature. Especially when it draws swords and fights spirits. Literature isn't only dry old texts. It can mean traveling to the moon to retrieve a lost mind.
Wow, thank you for this :D It looks like heaps of fun (my to-read pile trembles)
Liz Loves Books 9 years ago
That reminds me of the Spanish class I took in College on Don Quixote. We took the entire semester to read it. In English.
Nitchslap'd 9 years ago
Yeah we had to read the whole thing in class and a good portion in Old English. How can you not read in a literature class?
Beats me. Apparently it's only a history of literature, and we'll read some later books. Just not Beowulf.
Nitchslap'd 9 years ago
Off topic: I have to admit that it takes me a couple of tries to get through your posts
because I get caught up in your background. *has background envy*
Ah, Anne, sounds as if you'll need some major 'therapy reads' to offset this class. And sorry but I'm still stick on "Illustrated History of the USA"... My, how much things have change since my student days. >:(
Dor Does Books 9 years ago
I'm goggling at "British" Literature. There's no such thing.
Depends how you define British - we go with British as in 'from the British Isles'.
Valz 9 years ago
sorry I didn't read all the comments, but WHERE are you attending University? What University?