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Miranda 9 years ago
Holy shit, thats priceless. I am giggling like a complete nutjob about that one. O_o (not sure what it says about me now.) O_o
That we can be friend's and there's no heart-breaking emergency friendship unsubscription ahead ^^
Miranda 9 years ago
I totally know what you mean. I have the same issues in English with commas and semicolons, and even all the reading and writing doesn´t help much. It is like a completely different language within the language. I *try* to use them properly but I am sure I am off with them most of the time.

Didn´t know you are Polish. Thought you are American like basically everyone here. :P Technically speaking I am half-Polish but never really learned the language :( I understand some basics, but that´s it. One of those things I really regret. I know, I don´t have anyone else to blame but myself. :P Seriously every time I get reminded about it I feel guilty and wanna duck and cover about my own silliness for not getting my ass in gear.
Is really everyone there American? I thought some people were like German or something XD Nvm.

Polish is a pretty difficult language, so apart from learning by acquisition, I don't see much point ^^ It's not the most popular language in the world. At least you're not loosing much.
Miranda 9 years ago
More like in terms of GR refugees. I mean I have no real idea, but I think most folks I know from over there are from the States. Not that it matters.

You tell me :P But I feel a bit of an obligation to learn it. It´s not so much an intellectual decision but an emotional one. Not sure if that makes sense. Speaking Polish wasn´t something we did at home so I never picked it up. In a way I do feel I miss *something* as a part of myself. Probably doesn´t make much sense for anyone but myself. :O
Sock Poppet at Play 9 years ago
When I first started exploring this site, I saw so many posts in Polish that I figured everyone except the GR's refugees were Polish. I think the majority of us from GRs are from the states, but there are many from other countries, too. One of the things I most loved about Amazon/GRs was being able to connect with readers from all over the world.
Miranda 9 years ago
I don´t think that´s bizarre at all. I do spot mistakes in the writing of others but I am a huge failure when it comes to my own babblings. I am blind to my own errors, and commas are only one part of it. I miss words constantly or misuse them. I can read over and over again what I wrote and it reads perfectly reasonable to me even it isn´t. That´s probably true for most of us. Like reading is so much easier for me than writing. Even if I don´t know the meaning of a word, I do understand the context in which it is used, but for the life of mine I cannot express myself the same way. That is frustrating sometimes. I know that leads now astray, but it´s part of a larger circle of language and how it is used, so I am not totally off topic. ^o^
I agree that usually it's our own writing that gives us the most trouble. I can't check my own writing. I just can't. But if a friend gives me a paper to proofread? No problem.
Mine too ;) But, as I said, in Polish there would be no problem with this sentence. Admittedly that's part of the charm of English. So many opportunities for language jokes! It's a language to play with. :)
Miranda 9 years ago
Yeap. I do love reading and writing in English for the very same reason. There is a certain easiness in it, and the possibilities to goof around with language itself seems to be endless. But to break the rules one first needs to know them.
Sock Poppet at Play 9 years ago
I totally love this book! It made me laugh so much, too, but I was in my house so I didn't get any strange looks. Well, maybe when I looked in the mirror.

I proof my own posts like crazy, because I don't want anyone to think I can't write properly. But when I read other people's posts I am completely forgiving, unless it's a nasty, whiny author.

I love playing with words. It's what makes language so much fun. And if I make a mistake, please feel free to laugh at me. I will join in. Words mistakes are too funny not to enjoy.
Tami 9 years ago
Love it! Will read that book and do my humble best to support semicolons all around the world!