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Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 9 years ago
The video is brilliant :)

I think this is a problem not necessarily only for historians though. Everyone has that one area they are an expert on, and when it inevitably comes up in books and movies, we have to roll our eyes and try to push through. It's just that your one is so huge and in your face, you can't avoid it :)
The problem is, I'm not an expert... so if I'm bothered how must people that know more feel? That's just sad. And in a fantasy genre the issue is gone ^^ Now all I have to worry about is logic... Yeah. Good luck will be needed with that, but hey, one thing less to worry about.
Abandoned by user 9 years ago
Also, related to logic is consistency and credibility. Even fantasy worlds must be logical, consistent and internally credible. Ya' know?
Steelwhisper 9 years ago
BDSM. 'Nuff said. And I really feel your pain!
Are you saying BDSM is often unrealistically portrayed? If 50 shades thought me anything, than no way *sarcasm*.

BDSM can be awesome, when it's done right. And recently there's been this flood of bad depictions of it. Kind of makes me worried about minds of those young, confused women. I hope they don't take them as manuals. That is a potential clauserfuck. (no, my dear dictionary, I don't want you to change clauseterfuck to 'sub-clause', but thanks for your input.)
Steelwhisper 9 years ago
Yes, that's precisely what I meant. If you went by what gets written about BDSM you'd think every BDSMer was a rapist or raving lunatic, and only like 5% of the whole spectrum of BDSM exists. O.o
Witty Little Knitter 9 years ago
I hear you. Admittedly the only area I know enough about to spot also the not-so-obvious mistakes is Jack the Ripper (I am a cheerful and happy person...) but that is the reason I could not finish and Ripper-fiction recently because the historical inaccuracies made me scream in frustration.

How do you think about fantasy-worlds that are clearly based on a certain time/place of earth-history? I remember a great conversation about ASOIAF where we discussed the 'needlework' old nan was doing and someone said something along the lines 'You know it's loosely based on The War of the Roses and in that time knitting wasn't something servants in noble households did in their spare time it was something just the very poor did because they needed it...but you know the actual War of the Roses also didn't have dragons so I don't really care.'
Long story short: does it throw you out if you have a story in fantasyland that looks a lot like 15th century Europe but has inventions that came much later in our world oir can you shrug and go 'It's magic!'?
When it's clearly a fantasyland that got inspired with real history I'm ok with it, because I know to not expect facts. Otherwise I go a bit crazy.
Steelwhisper 9 years ago
May I pick your brain eventually for good books on Jack the Ripper? Pretty please?

Personally and as a reader it doesn't bother me in a full fantasy (meaning it's not Earth at that date plus magic or something). But if it is supposed to be an alternate reality with just e.g. dragons added, then yes, that would bug me.

What really gets my goat though is when people obviously not knowing much about e.g. Europe during the various eras use samey names and descriptions (francos for French or describing a country but giving it another name) and then heaping that with prejudices. That sort of thing nearly turned me off Captive Prince and definitely made the opposite of a fan of the Kushiel series by Carey.
Witty Little Knitter 9 years ago
I am depressingly prepared for that question...I have a list of Jack the Ripper books: (those I already read have links to reviews). On the top of my head: for non-fiction: Mark Whitehead - Jack the Ripper and MJ Throw -The Quest for a killer.
Alas I'm still searching for a good fiction-one. Marie Belloc-Lowndes' The Lodger was good but it's not a real Ripper-retelling just something that's inspired by them (also: it's old enough to be available for free on Guttenberg)...if you have more questions just throw them at me ^^

For me all that also depends on how 'off' things are. I recently read a book that was very medieval-type fantasy but the university-system they described sounded very 19th century to me which was just odd to me. It was still a good book but everytime they descibed uni-life I just got thrown out a bit.
Steelwhisper 9 years ago
Well, I adore you are so prepared ;) I'll have a look at them all.

Which of the movies/TV movies did you like best?
Witty Little Knitter 9 years ago
I really enjoyed the two-parter with Michael also goes very much in the conspiracy-theory direction which I normally don't like but for some reason I'm more forgiving for films than I am for books. And if you don't mind silent movies the Hitchckock-adaption of The Lodger is pretty cool, too.
Steelwhisper 9 years ago
I love the Michael Caine one myself, have the DVD. I'm not knowledgeable enough about Jack the Ripper to decide whether or not or what really is the most likely background. However, the end of century feel that this series created is absolutely lovely (and anyway, I adore Caine!). ;)
Gloria's Pages 9 years ago
This is a really great post :D I really don't have anything to add to it other than the fact that I just wrote an essay saying something similar. This does help me pinpoint what I didn't like about Kushiel's Dart and similar books.