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Yuki 11 years ago
Serio wkurwiające:(
Ci ludzie naprawdę są oderwani od rzeczywistości :/ Cud, że ten kraj w ogóle funkcjonuje. Moim zdaniem owszem, powininni przepchnąć ustawę - zabraniającą sprzedawania książek po niebotycznych cenach.
Yuki 11 years ago
Dobry naród to ciemny, wtórnie analfabetyczny naród...
Nadal twierdzę, że statystyki się mylą. Ciągle widzę ludzi czytających w autobusach. Niemożliwe, żeby było aż tak źle.
I'm sorry! I hope this doesn't pass.
It probably will :/ It's not like logic or will of the people matter. Example:

There was a study showing that it's actually cheaper for people living in the capitol to drive a car and park it downtown, than use public transport (because prices are insane). Response of the city? Let's make parking more expensive!
You know, I've been thinking about how to answer this, and I can't. WTF?
Why don't people who run the country apply common sense? Are they required to check that at the door before walking in to their offices?
I'm willing to believe that. There is a famous politician called Rostowski, he challenged the very laws of economy - according to him the higher the taxes, the more money government will make. Apparently Laffer curve is just wrong. Or maybe he's never heard of it...

Have a laugh - here's a picture:
I still can't believe those are their official statements...
AH@BadassBookReviews 11 years ago
It's pricing like this that encourages piracy.
Mikela 11 years ago
Another example of brain dead government. Sure hope it doesn't pass - the the sake of readers, writers and bookstores.
Unfortunately it probably will. And then everyone will be surprised that book sales went down...
Sock Poppet at Play 11 years ago
AnHeC ~ I am soooo sorry for you and the readers in Poland. A 23% tax is huge! It almost sounds as though the government is trying to get people NOT to read. This just makes me feel sick.
Yep. And now they're surprised that readership is significantly lower than last year. This law is their way to deal with it...
Robert Edward 11 years ago
Less dramatic than a book burn...but just as effective in the long term
I agree. Their actions are truly detrimental. I wish they'd just leave the readers alone. Every single time a government passes a new low or makes changes things get worse. It's incredibly frustrating. Currently I'm prepared to vote for someone that says "I won't do anything". :/
23% is kind of crazy. In Germany we pay 7% on books, in Sweden I think it's 6%. I think that's fair but anything else is simply a way for the government to make more money.
Witty Little Knitter 11 years ago
Agree 23% is just insane D: (Here for some reasons e-books are excempt from the 7%-tax on paper-books but even so it's "just" 19%)
Rachel the Book Harlot 11 years ago
That's absolutely crazy.