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This whole thing is sooooo bad.
And I'm only on the third page :D

"Across the ring from me, a woman waves a poster reading "REMY'S #1 BITCH" proudly in the air, and she's screaming at the top of her lungs in his direction - I guess in case he doesn't know how to read or misses the neon pink letters or glitter"... I won't post updates, because I'd have to rip apart every single paragraph. Do you know that this book has a very high rating? Over four stars!
And soooo many ratings. Blargh.

It gets worse. I'm sorry. I'm also sorry this is now in paperback from Simon and Schuster.
Rashika, The Book Owl 11 years ago
So you're reading this TOO! :P
I'd wish you luck but we all know how this is going to end :P
also, i wouldn't have been able to resist making than pun either :P
Someone has to rate it down. This sucker has 4.33 on GR and over 4 on BL... This madness has to stop.
Witty Little Knitter 11 years ago
Everytime I see my friends reading these terrible books I want to feel sorry for them but there is too much fun in watching them suffer.
I am a horrible human being...but if neccessary I could provide alcohol.
But at least you're an amused human being.
Lately I've read only good books, so I'm getting a bit rusty on critique and spoiled in general. I need to read something bad to get mu suck-o-meter re-set ;) But alcohol is always welcome ^^ I'm not picky, I'll drink anything.
*sends you lots of it. you'll need it all*
Rashika, The Book Owl 11 years ago
.. I am a horrible human being too :P
@Anna.. I know how you feel :P
Sock Poppet at Play 11 years ago
"It's like: two monks cross a river; one says to the other 'I'm hungry' and the man responds 'oh yeah, but I'm quite tall'."

Tell me more about these two monks. They sound more interesting that the book you're reading.
And the book is getting better and better ^^ Such exotic sentence structures! Just like what my young, brave English students would produce. Amazingly creative (or wrong, depends how you look at it) use of English.

And madly clenching vagina at the sight of muscles. Let's not forget about it (not that author would let as or anything...)
Exotic! You're so polite about it!
No! The author is just misunderstood! She pushes boundaries of language! It's artistic and deep and innovative *sarcasm so tangible you could make bricks out of it*
Hah. And yet... it's still better than the ass engine.