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Steelwhisper 9 years ago
I always have trouble with such books. It's the current super-trope. Everyone is hot for badass alphamales.
They're not alpha-males. They're just misogynistic assholes.
Witty Little Knitter 9 years ago
"coiled up as a cobra" that is impressive. Does she do a lot of yoga?
There are many impressive comparisons in this book. I can't stop laughing XD Writing is truly ridiculous.
Yep, I'm reading it for the laughs. Constant laughs at that ^^
Noooooo! Save yourself! Run, run. Or at least borrow it so you don't go, 'wtf, why did I pay for this?'
You totally do! Or better borrow it from someone. Or a library. I was lucky enough to have a friend that *fanfare* got it as a gift XD (my friend reads mostly high fantasy and hates YA and romance altogether) It's so bad it's amazing! I haven't seen such a concentration of horrid in my life. Usually it's more... dispersed.
Oh, or get it as your free "audible" trial. I'm not sure how I'd feel about paying for it.
And defitely read the free sample/blurb from amazon first. I'm not sure if you'll be able to survive this.
I linked to a sample reading of it. It's soooo bad. Somehow it's worse when read out loud -_-
Litchick's Hit List 9 years ago
Is it not amazing that we're all reading this? I feel like we should have a Shitty Book Group Read more often. Once one of them goes down to 0.00. (I'm not paying for that crap!)
Litchick's Hit List 9 years ago
Agreed. I've actually started reading one book a month I know that I'll hate. I'm going to start picking them off GR's "Best Books Published in 2013" list. I figure my one star rage rant will help balance out all the five star fangirls and potentially save other readers from getting sucked into them.
You're so kind. Wanna buddy read one? So long as it's not too expensive, I wouldn't mind paying for the laughs! We could actually buddy read one instead of me doing it after you do it this time.
I feel like we all need to give this book one star that it deserves. For real. This book has ratings over 4!
We can now give it one half star. God, shoot me if I gave it anything higher...
Litchick's Hit List 9 years ago
Falling Into You is the cheapest I could find. $3.99. I don't mind buying and lending but I think that'll only work for you, Grim. Anna, thoughts?
Hah. I have so many NA from the freebie list -_- That's where I tend to find mine so I'm like *four dollars*?!? And I hate it when people use question marks and exclamation points together - but that's how much I find this redonkulous.
I'm not buying this. No way. I have way too many books that I love on my "to-buy" list. I'll stay with libraries and freebies. (plus I'm buying a new e-reader, but with shipping and taxes kindle paperwhite (without 3G) will cost me 196$. I damn sure hope it's worth it.) But once I'm set up with kindle store I'll probably be able to buy from them more easily (getting a paperback with shipping isn't worth it if you don't love the book).

Sorry Grimlock, I love mixing ?! together XD Reading my posts will be torturous for you.

@Cory: But I'll always gladly stalk your updates ;) It's always fun.
You're awesome enough that you can get away with it. Anyone who shows me how to edit the code on my Booklikes blog so I can have Shattered Glass Grimlock on my page? She can use all the punctuation she wants combined, all the time.
Litchick's Hit List 9 years ago
Hokay, I totally understand. I'm going to see if I can find a terrible free one.
Dream | Escape | Read 9 years ago
Why?? Why the back seat of a taxi in particular??