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Drea's Book Fetish 11 years ago
R u fucking with me???
It's a masterpiece. Look at this sentence! Just look at it! So many things are wrong. I almost corrected it while typing it in.
Steelwhisper 11 years ago
She has it with "shell", right? I think I read the kindle sample a while ago.
So far she has a thing for "clenching core/sex" and "fever with shiver" ;)
Drea's Book Fetish 11 years ago
Just no and ew and NO again
Yeah, watery thighs don't really do it for me either. I must ask some guys what they think...
Mariana 11 years ago
What does it mean?
Beats me XD I didn't write it. But that's some trippy shit, I tell you that!
Mariana 11 years ago
That's so bizarre... and it was all like this? Good on you for reading it. And I thank you for doing it for all of us.
I take it slow. Read a bit and then watch Breaking Bad or a good movie ^^ I don't want to loose my sanity.
Drea's Book Fetish 11 years ago
Oh good lawd