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Library Liz·ard 11 years ago
CONGRATS! welcome to 200 *fist bump*
:D thanks *totally fist bump* (curious fact - in Polish we call the fist bump "a turtle" ;)
Library Liz·ard 11 years ago
i'm totally gonna use that, confuse the shit outta all my friends! xo
Congrats. So looking forward to your REAL... review! YAY!
I'm gathering my quotes and preparing gifs. As soon as I'm back home from a uni I'll type the shit out of it ^^
Wow. 200 is a seriously fat lot of books. Congratulations!
I had a lot of free time during summer, and that's why it was possible XD I've slowed down considerably since going back to university.
Mammarella 11 years ago
Oh, Jean-Luc! @.@ Congrats to you
Mammarella 11 years ago
Oh... it 's you, AnHeC.
Mammarella 11 years ago
LOL Congrats! Great gif :D
LOL. Thanks! :D
Congrats! That first gif is everything :)
I freaking love that gif! And I've only found it recently, so I'm still excited every time I see it. ;)
Jules 11 years ago
200 books this year? I'm flabbergasted! And yummers, on the gif :)
Dor Does Books 11 years ago
I'm amazed by people who manage to read that many books. I've always thought of myself as a fast reader - and my house is a tip - but I've yet to make the magic 100.

I'm a slow reader, but I had a lot of free time during summer... 3 months of unrestricted reading from dusk till down can take you far ;)
Vio 11 years ago
At least for me it is ^^ But having 3 months of 100% free time in a year helps a lot.
Rachel the Book Harlot 11 years ago
Congratulations! :)
Thank you very much ^^