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Congrats on the paper! I have to say reading about your 10 page paper made me shudder. I *hate* writing papers. I think it's one of the reasons I'm a lazy reviewer. :(
I don't mind papers ;) I hate academic papers when you have to include sources to every statement. You want to talk about the most basic concepts of Piaget? No! You need to say on which page did you find it! Mua ha ha ha ha... So it's annoying. You study shit, and later on you can't just recall it, you have to tell where this shit you've memorized lies.
Agreed! I hate the stupid sourcing and works cited page. Ugh! Gives me nightmares--the whole thing causes me unbelievable stress. Ah well, I guess it's a necessary evil. Do you have much further to go in your studies? I have approx. 3 years to go until I have acquired enough credits to be eligible for the certified public accounting exam.
1,5 year to get BA + 2 for Masters... But it's 1,5 that will be tough. I'm in my collage to get a paper; most classes are a complete waste of time from my perspective. I know too much (not to sound conceited, but people are dumb)

Accounting ha? I think you have a slightly different system than we do. I'm not worried about credits. My uni makes sure I get just the right amount at a right time (so annoying, no flexibility) Basically you come and receive a set schedule.