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Woah! This is kinda funny, but someone needs to talk to that kid about how to treat animals. Jeez .....
Exactly. That's my point. This kid deserved it. Parents too often allow their children to do whatever they want (seriously, the shit I've seen...) I'm not sure if that's the case here, but still, got to love instant karma ^^
Oh totally LOL! That kid had it coming. I get so mad when kids aren't taught to respect animals. Some dumbass kid smacked my dog in the face at the bus station FOR NO REASON when she was a tiny puppy. I was so mad I ripped that kid to shreds. His mum was too shocked to say a thing. But then what would she have said if I'd gone up to her kid and started smacking him about when he was just standing there .....
Whenever I'm in a dog show with my friend we both get very wary whenever children approach. As I always say "No, of course I wouldn't live a kid alone with my pitbull. I'm not stupid enough to trust a child!"
Seriously, one of dogs she sold is now disabled, because kid of the new owners thought that pulling a tail real hard is a good idea. The problem with tails is that there's very little blood-flow and it's very difficult to heal. Often has to be cut. I'm serious, I wouldn't trust a kid as far as I could throw them (man, I'd love to throw them). Next kid I see pull shit like that on an animal is getting an arm ripped.

And, I love pitbulls
Isn't that a face of a killer? Just look at it!
Tracy's Stay in Midian 11 years ago
That is so adorable!
Cat's take no shit form no one ;)
Kaia 11 years ago
I've seen the video that's from. The kid was already agitating the cat before that. No wonder the poor thing got so pissed off.
A fucking kid had it coming then. Sorry, but I get very emotional about children abusing animals. Kind of makes me want to try what they're doing on themselves. "Taste your own medicine, bitch!"
Kaia 11 years ago
Oh, no need to apologize to me. I have the same issue. Once my husband had a guy scream at him at the train station, because this guy's kid came running up to the carrier we had our bunnies in. So my husband put out his hand to stop the kid, and the kid bounced off. And then his father came over and started bitching. It was like..."Dude, we have a right to protect our pets from your grabby little sprog."
Here, here. Good on hubby! I hate that parents think that their little angels can get away with whatever shit they want. Um, no!
Stewartry 11 years ago
I just find it kind of sad that the (I'm guessing) parents just stood about and filmed the little demon-spawn tormenting their family pet instead of, you know, stopping him. And then publicizing their kid's awfulness by posting the video? Did they think they'd maybe make it on Funniest Home Videos? God, I hate people. Go, cat, go. (By which I mean go - to the neighbors' house...)
Kaethe 11 years ago
I was thinking the same thing: why would you stand by and film your child abusing a pet?
What do you mean why? To have a viral video! Is there something more important in life?
Rane Aria 11 years ago
The claws of justice strike again!
Indeed XD And may they strike again. Repeatedly. Preferably in a near future.
Cat's are awesome like that XD
That cat is full of win :]
Laughed so fucking hard. Good on the cat for fighting back!
I'm so glad none of my friends says 'oh no, poor kid' ^^ I've apparently chosen my friends well :D
You have! I'm gonna go laugh over the kitteh getting it's sweet, sweet revenge some more. Fuck that kid!
By the way, told two of my friends about the video, and they were like, 'yeah! Cat's fight back! The kid deserved it!' (Both of them are cat owners.)
Woman Reading 11 years ago
Here's the worst part of the video to me, that someone 'in charge' is just sitting there filming it rather than stop the child. As a mom of both a kid AND 3 very beloved pets (first, my daughter would absolutely NEVER, respect for our pets is taught immediately) and second, I could never ever sit and film that situation! That poor cat was waaaay agitated before it struck back, throwing off plenty of signs that it was reaching the breaking point. It was absolutely in it's right to defend itself and whoever is holding that camera is obviously capable of separating them for the safety of the cat and the kid and they don't. It pisses me off as a parent and as a pet owner. What people will risk just to get a viral video, rme.
10 bucks says the poor cat was declawed.
Wait, what? You can declaw a cat? WTF?!

Good to know that responsible, reasonable people still exist out there. I don't react when kids give shit to their parents, but if they damage public property, make a mess at a supermarket or 'play' with an animal I come in all my glorious fury and let the shitstorm begin. I can't, I just can't watch something like that happen... Which is why upon seeing this video I said 'good!' I suspected the kid deserved it. It's hard to blame a child, it's just an animal, but parents should know better.
Kaia 11 years ago
I suppose it's possible they'd tried to get him to stop harassing the cat already, and when he didn't stop, decided to let him discover the consequences. I mean, had it been my dad, and had YouTube been around back then, he totally would have done that and then posted it online. But my dad was kind of a dick.
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 11 years ago
Since claws are effectively fingernails, declawing involves amputating the first joint of each toe. It's absolutely barbaric (which is why it's illegal most places). And cat's ain't stupid, if they can't use their claws, they will defend themselves the only other way they can, and that's gonna be with teeth. Also they have those tendons for retracting claws, which are damaged by the butchery (I can't even call it an operation) so many declawed cats live in lifelong discomfort, if not outright pain. No wonder they are often nervous and aggressive.
Woman Reading 11 years ago
yep, they cut open the paws, remove the nails and then sew the paws closed. It's quite common, sadly.

That is exactly my issue, lol. I mean, definitely the kid deserved it. Unfortunately the kid acts like a brat because its parents let him/her, which is evident by the fact that they are sitting and filming it! I teach my kid how to act around animals for both her safety (because, rightly so, ALL living creatures will defend themselves!) AND the safety of the animals. The sad fact is even if it's the people's fault that it happened it's the animals that will take the punishment and that absolutely sucks. It's sad. A completely irresponsible pet owner and a completely deficient parent.
Woman Reading 11 years ago
not to mention the emotionally toll. Studies show that it effects their personalities too.
Wow, I've never seen a declawed cat. As far as I know it's illegal. (same as cutting dog ears and tails *cutting puppies tails should be allowed IMO)
Woman Reading 11 years ago
It's definitely not in Michigan, lol. People usually do it at the same time as spaying/neutering.
Another thing that you can do here is have a dogs voicebox removed. I only know that because my husbands father did it to his Pom and his MinPin when I first started dating my husband (ohhh so long ago, ha). I was HORRIFIED every time I heard their non-barks.
Nope, totally illegal to remove a voicebox in Poland (apart from medical reasons). You can only neuter your animals. That's about it when it comes to radical modifications.
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 11 years ago
Ahh, now the debarking thing I can understand a little better having pyr's (Huge dogs. Huge Barks. Nonstop usage of barks. Deaf neighbours are an advantage). It's a much less invasive procedure (they just nick a notch in the vocal cords, it makes em husky and a lot quieter) and where I used to live and rescue dogs, it was sometimes court ordered. I'd do that, over having my beloved but noisy-as-hell pyr put to sleep, for sure, especially since I've met quite a few adult debarked dogs who don't appear to have an personality changes. But it'd still definitely be a last resort (and it's also illegal where I live now, so not an issue).

But I've never heard of a cat being court ordered declawed because of noise pollution complaints from neighbours, if you follow my drift.
As far as stopping the kid, there's someone off camera on the youtube video saying, 'stop that, stop that' halfheartedly. Obviously they knew it was pissing the kitteh off and did nothing.
Stewartry 11 years ago
Didn't see this till i posted my own kvetch. 186% agreed.
Woman Reading 11 years ago
I can't get behind either procedure, honestly. There are methods out there to train dogs to not bark just as there are methods to training cats not to scratch stuff. I can understand upset neighbors and not wanting to get rid of a pet, but it seems very extreme. My sister has 2 beagles, major baying. She's has the spray collar and a soother collar and they work very well. But, then again I'm not even a fan of ear cropping and tail docking.
Mammarella 11 years ago
@ Kaia - I somewhat agree with you.
I was just thinking that everything happens too fast. There is simply an upset toddler(!) and a curious kitty one minute, and then within a split second there is a situation in your hands. You can't always prevent incidents even if you are standing right there. Still, good thing, the kid got a lesson and the hard way, too, which might actually be more effective than all the "be nice"s coming from the adults.
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 11 years ago
I agree with you to a point, sometimes kids are fast as hell, and cats are faster.

But... in this clip, it starts with the cat in a defensive posture, ears back, tail twitching, eyes focussed on the kid's hands. It's pretty clear something's already been going on (and up thread, someone said they'd seen the whole video, confirming it). I'd have put the kitty somewhere quiet and safe for a timeout and to calm down, and then turned around and done the same with the kid, rather than sitting there filming it.
Mammarella 11 years ago
Kitty might be just feeling unsure of a crying kid, but it also made its own choices and stayed to find out what's going to happen next. I hope both the cat and the kid learned from this experience ... and we got a good laugh :D
Book Hangovers 11 years ago
HA!!! Take that ya lil shit! LMAO!
Tracy's Stay in Midian 11 years ago
I was a vet tech for years and also ran a boarding kennel for a few. As far as de-barking, if it means the dog won't be put to sleep I'm all for it. My kids were taught to treat animals like family, and my animals know where they fit into the pack. We have had several giant breeds and some that are considered "aggressive" and we have never had any problems. Too many people treat animals s if they are people and that is a problem. They don't react like people. They are family but still dogs and cats. My son just got a baby pit and I am confident she will grow up well.
People don't really understand that 'aggressive breeds' are great pets and would never attack without being provoked. The problem is created by people that buy those dogs and try to make them aggressive, sometimes even abusing them.
Murder by Death 11 years ago
I don't have kids of my own, but I don't allow any kids near my cats without my personal supervision (nor my chickens for that matter) - not even my friends' kids. I don't trust kids around animals for various reasons; sometimes they don't know their own strength or how to properly pet an animal because they don't have any or sometimes they are just plain mean. I also want to avoid parents freaking over bites/scratches.

My personal childhood had more than a few bites and scratches. Every time I complained I got the same response: "What did you do to get bitten/scratched?" I learned at a very early age that animals don't attack for no reason.
Today parents are raising their children wrong. A kid has to learn consequences and can't be allowed to do whatever. Instead they panic about every single bump and fall, like their children should be sacred and could never be at fault.
Sock Poppet at Play 11 years ago
What I find sad about the video is that apparently the adults in the household think having a cat is like having a toy. Would the parents laugh if the kid hit a baby like that?

Children need to be taught how to treat animals. I can only imagine this child is going to grow up either mistreating animals or disliking them, which is pretty sad.

And how do you laugh as your child falls backwards off a bed onto a hard floor and against a wall? The adults don't seem to care much what happens to the child or the cat.
Adults most definitely failed. But I'd totally laugh ad a child falling off a bed ^^
I'm not surprised that a lot of people think that declawing a cat and cutting vocal cords of a dog is the right thing to do. I have friends in the US who think that walking your dog once a week is totally enough. and here I sit being worried that my dog might be bored, pondering new ways to keep her busy and happy. all besides 4 walks a day during the week and long hikes on the weekends. She just learned how to pick things up and give them to me. And she loves searching my apartment and the office for training dummies I have hidden so she can find them and bring them to me. I mean, my dog has to work for her food. And she's quite happy. and as for this picture: I think anyone needs a proper slap on the back of their head if they think it's correct to have their kid do this to a cat. So yeah, totally Team Cat here!
I should add that while my doggy has to do stuff to get food, cuddles are free and we both enjoy those a great deal :)
Many people think that teaching your dog commands is cruel. They don't understand that the animals LIKE working with people, they need it. It's not only necessary to control them, but also to make them happy and bond with them.
it's not only that. if you dont work with your dog they get bored really quickly and start either destroying stuff or peeing into your house or what have you. no one likes to be bored. dogs don't either. my dog loves bringing me stuff. she is really crazy about our training dummies that she has to find. my dog has a huge prey instinct. she loves to hunt. training her nose in a controlled environment gives her something to do she loves and keeps her from chasing after every animal she sees or smells. well, we're still working on that last part. autumn is the worst season at the moment. it's getting dark pretty early so it's dark when we go for our long evening walk and there's lots of squirrels around that time of the day so she would just take off if she wasnt on the leash lol. but we'll get there too.
Mammarella 11 years ago
I hope there were claws involved.
Claws and teeth *hums*
Dream | Escape | Read 11 years ago
I thought in the full video the baby was just trying to get the cat to leave him alone as it was continuously biting & scratching him? At any rate, parents/caretakers are *always* to blame for young toddlers' mistreatment of animals.