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Here, have another version: (I'm evil XD) I don't know how much 'metal' are you able to take, so I posted a link to something softer than screamo version by HYRAX (which is cool)

There comes a breaking point after which I threaten to kill another person that bursts into a carol.
Debbie's Spurts 11 years ago
With no kids coming for Christmas, we do extremely little. That started one year with an extreme storm preventing a lot of decorating and activities; it was just so nice not to have the hassle of lugging stuff out of then back into storage (not to mention how much I don't like being outside in winter weather just to hold the damn ladder)—that we just don't anymore. And my husband was one of the Christmas Vacation house style of decorators always buying more lights ...

One of our poor kitties forlornly watches the flickering lights on neighbor houses and sits on the boxes of lights in the basement whenever anyone goes down those stairs. He's the one that has the kids calling our Christmas tree the "no, no, kitty, stop" tree. We gave up and put the real tree ornaments just on the top two-thirds and left ones he can savage on the bottom ever since the year we put goldtone metallic faceted like disco ball ornaments on the tree and he spent all his waking hours chasing the reflections.
Rashika, The Book Owl 11 years ago
Anna .. where is your holiday spirit? :P
Eh we don't really celebrate christmas so yeah but hey I like them carols..... kind of.. when i don't hear them 24/7.
Break is always awesome
@Debbie:Cats + Christmas trees don't mix. Seriously. I'm not cleaning up a knocked-down tree ever again. And the cat sat there so proud screaming "fatiality!" Too many computer games, I guess.

I'd love to do little. But there's so much that needs to be done...

@ Rashika: I hate too many things about it. Too much shopping, companies trying to sell you useless shit, people fighting over silly stuff, arguments at home, insane pressure, stress... What's there not to love?
Rashika, The Book Owl 11 years ago
In that case... I take back what I said. We don't have that kind of situation at home, me and my sister usually just watch movies and chill :P
I would HATE that. I am short tempered and would end up screaming at everybody :P
Oh yes, I need a few lemons. Tomorrow is going to be a difficult day. I'll try to go shopping at 6 AM. Hopefully that will save me some annoyance.
Debbie's Spurts 11 years ago
I don't even want to open and clean out emails. 'Tis the season where everyone floods you trying to sell everything. We did used to do much more when smaller kids were in our circle. Now with lots of teenagers to buy for (half of which would just ebay off the really good gifts) = gift cards. (And I have learned to avoid giving mall gift cards to teenagers or I get stuck trucking a bunch of them out there because no one else wants to)
My parents simply gave us money, not even gift cards, and I always had ambivalent feelings about this. On one hand: yey! money! On the other hand the wrapping paper is THE magic. Socks given on Christmas day are better than any other. I must be getting old. I love getting practical things and little stuff (like chocolate), it brings me more joy than money.