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As I said, the way he acted (all those delightful outbursts of anger) made me squirm when I was younger, but now I appreciate how age appropriate and realistic that is ^^ It's easier now that I know how the books end and all. But I do understand the recurring urge to slap the shit out of Harry XD
Khanh the Killjoy 11 years ago
I was roughly Harry's age when this book came out and I was like WHOA when did he get so angry! I was like...he sounds like me...oh, joy, teenaged years, I do not miss you.
Yeah, I was exactly 15. I didn't think I'm like him (though in retrospect...) but it made me squirm a lot. XD
Potter aside, I completely agree that a book is the perfect anecdote to family gatherings for my introverted self.
I don't see the anecdote/metaphor XD Show me!
Oh, I meant when you said you had three Christmases, and unexpected guests and the like. Reading is my favorite way to step out of the chaos and get some 'away'/quiet time.
Yeah :/ That was probably my worst Christmas so far... No time for myself *sigh*
Robert Edward 11 years ago
Yea, I always found it strange that everyone was mad at potter and not Dumbledore! Harry's 15. I could barely handle the fact that I had acne at 15 and here's potter doing most of the dirty work for the entire wizarding world.
Exactly! He's alone, the only family he has, that he's ever had, is borrowed, and suddenly one of the few people he trusts and respects ignores him. How was he supposed to react? Hell, even now I'd flip! I think he did remarkably well. The fact he at all tried to make sure if Sirius is ok showed restrain beyond his years. He reacted to finding out it's a trap well too; quick thinking. It really wasn't his fault :/
Robert Edward 11 years ago