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Mammarella 9 years ago
O.M.G! That was very unwise to insert that gif in the review LOL However short your review is, it took me a while to finish it !
Thanks for heads up, I am definitely interested in the book now :)
XD Sorry about the gif. I just love it too much ;) If you enjoyed this series in general chances are this one will be good for you. If you haven't read it, give it a shot. Has a nice plot connecting all the books. And we get to revisit the characters too! I love it for that very reason ^^
Mammarella 9 years ago
I don't be sorry =) I love it too much now, too!
Thanks for letting me know the stories are connected and couldn't be read as stand alones.
Adding to my to-read list :)
Sharon L 9 years ago
Now I'm happy I bought the series :)
Even when Nalini Singh is slightly disappointing, it's because the bar is set so high. Weaker books in the series were better than vast majority of stuff out there ^^