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Debbie's Spurts 10 years ago
In my U.S. experience, the nickname thing unless a gang tag line seemed to go in phases among my friends in junior high, high school and college years unless a family given one. I got some doozies in high school which I don't like to share. In careers or offices with lots of people with same name ("Debbie") there were nicknames. I was "prick" or "dog" on some government and military projects meaning I got sicc'ed on experts and vendors to prick out the hot air and force them to drill down to the actual specs.

In grade school seemed like only bullies gave out nicknames usually some inane stupid rhyming attempt. I remember having to work very hard not to burst out laughing (thereby possibly causing worse than namecalling or worse nicknames) when one 6th grade bully was trying to muscle us 2nd graders on the playground and the best they came up with me was "O'Neal the orange peel" (nothing orange to my coloring or clothing, not a region with orange groves or school/gang/team orange colors and I had a few dozen better rhymes in my own head even at that age)—and the idiot was two minutes away from a school bus unloading my then in high school uncles who would likely either beat the shit out of him or call the cops if he was a first time offender followed in 15 minutes by the principal whose house bordered the playground being due to come home anyway).
That's actually very interesting. Maybe I wasn't paying attention at school? And I don't mean bullying and name calling, but endearing words. Because nicknames weren't very popular at all from what I remember. Name calling among kids? Sure happened. But amongst grown people, calling each other 'Pudge', 'Colonel' or simply 'B' 'S' and so on? Never really seen it. Don't get me wrong, I think it's cool. Just a bit unrealistic ^^ I guess you need a really good reason/idea for an interesting nickname that sticks.
Debbie's Spurts 10 years ago
*sigh* tell that to my poor now-retired-but-still-called Uncle Pea Toe. Or the embarrassing number of adult "Bubba" "Sissy" "Chick" "Little ______" "Big _____" and "Juniors" I know; maybe it's more a rural thing.