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My professor in my "how the brain works" class is going to LOVE this story. We were talking about illusions like this in one of our earlier classes.
RedT Reads Randomly 8 years ago
I love lies for my eyes. Thanks!
Sock Poppet at Play 8 years ago
I think it has to do with one's computer. No matter what site I'm viewing that dress on, it looks light blue and brown.
The thing is, multiple people have looked at it at the same time on the same screen, and seen different things.
Sock Poppet at Play 8 years ago
I saw neither of the color combinations that were discussed. I did see a couple of people online who saw the same colors I did. Maybe we're the only ones with perfect eyes!

Of course I'm not a scientist and I've seen other optical illusions, so I'm sure the explanation is correct. But I don't think a computer is the best place for testing color correctness.