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Debbie's Spurts 9 years ago
*snicker* and I don't even have to sample this one to know it's going into waiting on man hand and foot while making physical self over into some idealized stereotype territory.
AnnaMatsuyama 9 years ago
Debbie's Spurts 9 years ago
On the plus side, I hadn't heard the phrase "swirl" used that way before so I guess I picked up new slang. At my age, no longer around much of the dating/hookup scene to pick up on such things.
*facepalms* and *headdesks*
Abandoned by user 9 years ago
If subservience is required to attract a man, they can have the men it attracts.
Debbie's Spurts 9 years ago
Amen. Plus those men likely to eventually trade you in for a younger healthier workhorse after being the ones turning you into wornout drudges. Or worse, being the types that feel they need to "discipline" and "control" so that you never get ideas above your "station."
There are no words....
Howdy YAL! 9 years ago
I think they just need to start a genre for these sort of books called For Idiots. Seriously.....
Debbie's Spurts 9 years ago
Put a section of that in a brick and mortar bookstore and I can see the creeps that would stalk that section for a hookup ...
Gloria's Pages 9 years ago
What the hell

How do these books keep being published anyway?