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Ew, mpreg. I don't like that anywhere, even in the TF fandom...
AnnaMatsuyama 9 years ago
exactly, mpreg is not everyones cup of tea and there should be a warning. i would have been so angry if i had bought it and bam! a man is pregnant.
Y'know, I'm gonna be honest. Sometimes I don't want regular pregnancy, or even sex, in my books. (Except when I do want the porny parts, it seems like one of the couple is bound to die -_-)
AnnaMatsuyama 9 years ago
i never want to read about pregnancy in fiction. :/. I just read a book where mc gave a birth and it wasn't very graphic but more than i ever wanted to read.
As for sex scenes, I often skip them and even when I don't, for the most part I find them boring. :(
I just want bot-porn. I'm actually trying to relax with my book and they keep killing off robots. I'm like... how can this book be so traumatic and so awesome at the same time?
AnnaMatsuyama 9 years ago
good robot porn, probably, is harder to find then m/m porn, am I right?
TF = transformers, yes? and yet there are mpreg fanfics too? like a robot gets pregnant? :/
TF is transforers. There is mpreg fanfic and art.✓&work_search%5Bquery%5D=transformers+mpreg


Such as:

Giant robot porn is actually fairly easy, somehow. There's sooooo much Transformers fanfiction, a lot of it porny. Yes, a ton of it bad, but a surprising amount is quite good, and I was originally shocked by how much of it is excellent. It also became canon - yay - in James Roberts More Than Meets the Eye comic series for IDW. Traditionally published robot porn? Eeeeh. Hit and miss, and very few are actually technosexual characters, and I've been craving that lately. That+porny bits would be awesome!
AnnaMatsuyama 9 years ago
Excellent fanfics? I'm not familiar with the TF at all, but I wouldn't mind recommendations!

And if you find a good book or fanfic with technosexual character, please, let me know! :)

Silver Metal Lover by Tanith Lee has a technosexual in it.

I suggest everything by

Even her series Law, Says the Gardeners which has Transformers reproduction/repopulating the planet isn't smutty at all. I highly suggest reading it; it's the most amazing thing!
Gloria's Pages 9 years ago
welp mark yet another shifter book off my 'to-read' list. I rarely if ever like mpreg, it just feels like a way to replace women in an author's world and is just so fetishistic.
AnnaMatsuyama 9 years ago
exactly, i've read mpreg fics and few of them were good, but it's not my cuppa. and the guy who gets knocked up is the uke, always. chick with a dick & womb
Gloria's Pages 9 years ago
I hate the whole uke/seme thing, ick.

I'd like to read a book about a trans man who decides to become a father though, seems like it would be an interesting story. I've heard about it happening in real life but I don't think I've seen a novel about it.