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Debbie's Spurts 9 years ago
Is it a book of hate speech, that glorifies a pogrom against Hindus or calls for their deaths? Or just a book that those of the Hindu faith find religiously or otherwise objectionable?

If Hindus can get Penguin to pull a book, can Mormons, Fundalmentalist Christians, Baptists, Catholics, Buddhists, Scientologists, or the Hari Krishnas get books they don't like, feel question their faith and beliefs, unjustly provide a different history of their faith, is an utterly fake history/biography ...
AnnaMatsuyama 9 years ago
I haven't read it but as I understand after checking it out on GR, it's the authors' ( who is US academic) reinterpretation of Hinduism. Definitely not a hate speech.

Here's a better article
Abandoned by user 9 years ago
Is this just in India, or everywhere in the world? Because if it includes the US, which has vigorous free speech protections, that makes it all the more disturbing.
AnnaMatsuyama 9 years ago
The publisher is Penguin India that made settlement, I guess it means only in India.