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Unapologetic Reviews 9 years ago
I'm in love with the Marvel universe now, but haven't read comics for a while. I'm just watching the movies and the shows, but I think I should return to my old love of reading comics. They are what got me onto reading, because I was a bit struggling with learning to read. My teacher used a method that is abandoned now, and is blamed for the reading issues of my generation.
I love what's going on with the movies right now too, and that was certainly a contributor when I picked up this gem. If you're thinking about diving back in, like I did, I thought this was a good place to start. :)
Unapologetic Reviews 9 years ago
Cool! It's also great how the series is giving it another dimension. I like Coulson in the movie, and I love what they did with him in the show. He kind of reminds me of an older Ianto Jones.
Absolutely! Good comparison. And I really enjoyed the season finale.
Unapologetic Reviews 9 years ago
When he shot the guy in the end, it was hilarious!
Yes! Best scene ever. :)