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8 years ago
LMFAO Enjoy!
Well it doesn't sound dull, that's for sure! Looking forward to the updates/review!
Escape from the ER 8 years ago
You have no idea how much I look forward to your posts. Where do you find these little known literary classics?!
Bark at the Ghouls 8 years ago
You're too kind. I stumble across them looking at friends reviews and late at night on Amazon. I have trouble sleeping and find the weirdest things in the wee hours.
"How can I possibly go wrong with this one"

I think the answer to that one is: you can't. Enjoy! :)
ѦѺ 8 years ago
sounds like fun! hung in there - i mean hang in there! ;)
8 years ago
I'm so going to look forward to your review!
Bark at the Ghouls 8 years ago
Sorry to leave you all in suspense ;) I have had zero reading time these last two days. Maybe today will be my lucky day.