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Bark at the Ghouls 5 years ago
Yeah, there's no law against them. I try my best to ignore the entitled and spoiled but some days it's rough.
Debbie's Spurts 5 years ago
Oh ... happy happy joy dance.

Allowing them so violates all those consumer speech protections laws traditionally protected. Not like it's not already illegal to not disclose if it's not just a consumer review if in with consumer reviews where they can't get competitor or otherwise biased/incentivized/personal-grudge reviews removed.

Honestly, those were getting so ridiculous. (And it was always particulalry unreal about the KlearGear incident with a couple getting slammed with "fines" -- honestly, shouldn't fines be levied by a law or a court decision rather than a retailer -- by a gag order clause added months after their retail transaction had to fight in court to get it off their credit rating; even if the gag order clause had been enforceable or legal it just was not a part of their original transaction plus the retailer illegally used better business bureau and other credentials and refused for months to respond to subpoenas from the court or inquiries under fair credit act).
Linda Hilton 5 years ago
I should post the text messages that were sent to me when I posted a negative review of an auto mechanic. . . . . He got some of my reviews removed from other sites (like, but at least the one on Yelp, though hidden in the "not recommended" category, is still there.
Debbie's Spurts 5 years ago
*ack* suppression of consumer speech. File an online FTC complaint on those review sites removing it (don't expect results soon because not a priority consumer welfare risk for FTC but you can file it and tell the review sites you filed it -- see if that puts the review back).
5 years ago
Wow, Linda. I'm in the auto service industry and have been for over 30+ years. That is just unacceptable.
Bark at the Ghouls 5 years ago
That is really shitty. I don't understand the point of those hidden yelp reviews. I always read them first because I figure they're scandalous if they must be hidden!
Debbie's Spurts 5 years ago
Yeah, and Yelp's recommending some and hiding others doesn't exactly make all their statements about "Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews" very believable (other than money not actually being paid to get reviews removed or hidden).

Totally ridiculous that B&H's Yelp page says the business has three reviews when there are nine hidden reviews. Plus you cannot vote a hidden/not-recommended review as useful, funny or cool.
About damned time.
Jessica (HDB) 5 years ago