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Hol 5 years ago
I'm not going to like this as I'm so pissed, but totally understand. I'll see you on GR. A few people have started up a facebook group. I'll invite you.
SilverThistle 5 years ago
I feel your pain. I went more than a month lately because I couldn't get any sort of text box to come up and couldn't that fixed and made a post and ever since it's been back to impossible again. I've sat here for 15 minutes waiting for this page to load so I could comment. FIFTEEN! I like BL when it works but when it doesn't it does my head in. I've been messing about with a new blog and considering keeping my old one going again (both blogspot) because it's too much here. I can't read anyone's posts as my dash doesn't scroll and to be honest I can't be arsed with persevering either. Can't even update my newest book finish which is what I actually came here to do in the first place. Urgh! I loved it here too!!

Also.....Hi HOL!! :D
SilverThistle 5 years ago
Just made a long post and it's better not be lost or I'll do one!
Oh my word! What an adorable little chap. I'm sticking with BL for the time being, but they're definitely on borrowed time.
Bark, it got a lot better like two seconds ago and I can comment again! Yay!

This is one of the only viable options for me, so I'm staying around. Figured you'd like the option of staying around and to know it got better - but I'd completely understand if you left.
5 years ago
I'll be here with Grim,but I'll occasionally be at GR.
Not exactly a viable option.

I was too honest and blunt that I didn't want to support authors who happened to be jerks and bam, gone.
5 years ago
I get that, I just don't get how or why they would ban someone for being honest?
Because it doesn't sell books and they gave into bullies who tried to ruin me by calling me mannish and ugly?
5 years ago
They're just being assholes! That's mean!
Yes, but I got a tasteless, completely offensive joke that makes me cackle and makes everyone else roll their eyes!

I'm very careful about who I say it around. When it comes down to it, GR let an author call me a c___ multiple times without banning him - all in one message - and sided with those who labelled me a 'tranny.' Ask me how disappointed I am that I got banned, but you'll have to wait for an answer. I'm just laughing my ass off now :P
Tannat 5 years ago
Patrick! And boo.
JoRead 5 years ago
So sad to see so many of you go :( but I can understand the frustration. I'll be friending you over at GR, or find me at
Good Luck!