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Rane Aria 5 years ago
heh! That's scary cute!
Bark at the Ghouls 5 years ago
I love him :)
My Never Ending List 5 years ago
He looks like the Sleestak from The Land of the Lost....of my heavens! I used to love that show on Saturday mornings. I got excited seeing your post! I love him
5 years ago
Too many fingers! :)
Bark at the Ghouls 5 years ago
Isn't he cute?! It's The Living Dead Doll version of The Creature from the Black a Lagoon. He was always my favorite as a kid. Guess I was a weird kid :)
Rachel's books 5 years ago
Okay, thanks for this. I needed the laugh! Is that your TBR pile to the right? I recognize Night Shift (it's in my pile too), but can't see enough of the other 2 to know what they are. (Yes, I'm nosy).
Bark at the Ghouls 5 years ago
You're welcome :) Good call, that's Night Shift, Malfis Snow and Robin Schones The lady's Tutor. I should've known better than to post a partial book shot of books to this site. It's almost cruel :)