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Sending delicious chocolate!
Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
Chocolate makes almost anything better ;)
Except having eaten too much!
Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
This is true and usually another of my problems.
I've gotten much better about this, but it took a lot of conscious effort! And I still overindulge on occasion.
Poor angry scarf. Help and chocolate going your way!
Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
Thanks. I could really use both :)
Hope your scarf ends soon and your reading pleasure renews itself!
Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
Thanks Wanda, me too :)
Escape from the ER 1 year ago
Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
I tried that last week and woke up with a godawful migraine :( But perhaps just one glass will take the edge off . . .
Chocolate and scarves are to go together - best wishes
Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
It could get a little messy though :) Or maybe I'm just a klutz.
Rane Aria 1 year ago
Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
Thanks, Rane :)
Hol 1 year ago
Got to hate the news and those helpless feelings. Hoping your back to reading the ass out of romance again soon!
Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
Yeah, maybe a steamy romance will fix me up ;)
I've been reading romances, a biography of the very kinky dude who invented Wonder Woman, and I think I'm about to hit a mystery kick. I'm feeling a bit murderous.
Awww, I hope you break out of it soon.
Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
Thanks, Char. Me too. It usually happens once a year or so but I've never been glued to the news before now. I need to stop that.
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Unplug. the. tv. It's important to stay informed, but not at the cost of your own... centeredness?... and knitting karma. I found tv news to be too riddled with editorials that seem geared at ratcheting up people's fear and anger, so I picked a couple of news outlets that were as objective as I could find and I read them online. Makes it easier to control how much of the "analysis" I'm subjected to at one time.

There's also been a lot of jelly bellys and apple pie in my life lately; I'm not a chocolate fan, so I go for the carbs. :P

I'm jealous about the kitting thing though. :)
Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
Good idea. I think I've had my fill of the news. I think all of the darkness I was reading combined with the news was just too much. I'll pick have to pick up something light and fluffy before reading Snow.
Jelly Bellys!
Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
And some of those too :)
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Have you guys seen those sparkly jelly bellys? I got suckered into a big box of those the other day (sale!) and they look all princess and my little pony. But they're jelly bellys, so YUM!. (and they are awfully sparkly pretty, lol.)
Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
Those sound like something I have to have. Where'd you find them?
Yeah, I haven't seen those either!
Murder by Death 1 year ago
They were on the counter at my pharmacy. I figured they HAVE to have them there in the US too...

Ha! Found them:

Mine was a mixed box of 6 flavours...
I was crocheted an eight foot long scarf when I was passed over a comment some stupid politician made. I don't even remember the comment now. Lol
Was it an angry Dr. Who scarf? I would love that.
Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
lol, I made the Dr. Who scarf last year only in pastels. It's totally ridiculous but I love it.
This reminds me, I'm expecting a mystery box of yarn in the mail...
Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
Oooh, is there a yarn box subscription I don't know about?! Wait, don't tell me . . .
I've seen at least one. But... I won't tell you where.

ETA: also, my sister has taken part of mystery swaps with yarn/revolving around knitting. And hockey. Together.
Tannat 1 year ago
Angry scarf! Sorry, that amuses me.
Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
I'm knitting some serious bad vibes into this thing.
Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
Sorry to hear you're feeling the same :(
I actually try not to watch the first 5 minutes of news as its all political and I just wish certain people could just not talk, I mean seriously just keep their mouths quiet for 24 hours. Is that even possible? So I understand your angry scarf. I feel better just missing those few minutes of news. I am happy to hear that you are productive while watching the news and are able to concentrate, yeah you! Keep calm and pass the chocolate (chocolate malted milk balls, please).
I know my local news broadcast timing so well that I pretty much only tune in for weather and sports at this point. I'm skipping the national broadcasts for the most part.
Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
I've never watched the news until very recently and am getting into the groove of how they operate. I think I'll just stick to local news. That's usually infuriating enough :)
THROW THE TV AWAY!!! I haven't watched TV in years and it's a wonderful experience. Get your news off the internet.
Bark's Book Reviews 1 year ago
Ah, I love my tv shows but I could live without it and without the expense of cable. My family, OTH, would not be happy!