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It's a Mad Mad World 11 months ago
Know the feeling!
meeplemaiden 11 months ago
I recently had that experience when I went and bough some physical books. I enjoyed the experience so much that I then went and repeated it. My only problem now is that they are sitting on a pile on the floor next to my bed as I have no shelf space left (the reason I stopped buying in the first place). A major reshuffle is called for when I can get up the energy.
Rane Aria 11 months ago
Same, I've been enjoying holding a physical hardcover book in my hands of late, sadly I need to get another bookshelf or clean out my shelves to make room! (BTW: love your hair!)
Bark's Book Reviews 11 months ago
It's so nice to hold it in my hands and be able to physically turn the pages and even bend them if I want. Too bad I didn't get to read anything because my husband came out and guilted me into doing yard work!