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Char's Horror Corner 12 months ago
Ok, first off: I knew Patrick was going to feature in this review as soon as I saw the title.

Second: LMAO at the Nightmares comment!

Third: Great review!
Bark's Book Reviews 12 months ago
Thanks, Char :) I think you'd love this one.
Portable Magic 12 months ago
Awww, Patrick is too handsome to be a hellcat. Besides, I thought all cats were potentially demonic?
Bark's Book Reviews 12 months ago
His looks are deceptive. He is evil on the inside ;) And, yeah, I think they are all hell cats. Just throw a mouse in the room!
Tannat 12 months ago
I never would have suspected Patrick of being a hellcat either.
Bark's Book Reviews 12 months ago
He is a MONSTER and a bully but we love him anyway. He's also sweet and cuddly so it almost balances out.