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Awww. So angelic. (I think you're fibbing about all those naughty things he does.)
Barks At The Moon 2 months ago
I wish I were!
Murder by Death 2 months ago
Awww... goodnight!
Tannat 2 months ago
Awww...Patrick! Not a hellcat at all...
(unless he stole your spot on the bed)
Barks At The Moon 2 months ago
He's currently eating my laptop.
Tannat 2 months ago
You actually made me laugh out loud. :) Fortunately my kitty appears undisturbed.
Murder by Death 2 months ago
ROLF... don't you feed him? ;-)
Tannat 2 months ago
If you mean biting the edge of your lap top, my cat does the same thing.
Ani's Book Abyss 2 months ago
"He's currently eating my laptop."

lol That made my night! Having a shih-tzu in the household, I can attest that they always look the cutest when they're about to chew something up that you can't replace.
Barks At The Moon 2 months ago
He basically eats all day long. He's starting to look like a giant marshmallow with a tiny head and a tail.
Awwww so cute ^-^
BrokenTune 2 months ago
(((Patrick))) !!!
Char's Horror Corner 2 months ago