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Familiar Diversions 6 months ago
That sounds bizarre. Do you happen to have a link to their BL page?
Bark's Book Reviews 6 months ago
I'm waiting to hear back from her. She's in a different time zone than me so it may be a few hours.
BL was down for me earlier this morning. Perhaps that was it?
Bark's Book Reviews 6 months ago
It might be. So weird that other people's books/posts would be on her profile though unless she's looking at the dashboard. BL still signs you up with immediate "friends", right?
Tannat 6 months ago
That's the only thing I could think of. There's also a timeline view on your page that will show your other people's activity...
Grimlock ♥ Inhumans 6 months ago
I'm thinking dashboard, too, but she said the theme was up which sounds like... not the dashboard.

Hope to her back from Barks with this all nicely wrapped up, but if not, with something more so we can help.
BrokenTune 6 months ago
I had a weird episode last week where for some reason my profile pic changed to show the profile pic of the last user posting on the dash....???? It corrected itself after I restarted the laptop.

But for anything like this, it is worth getting in touch with Kate through the help desk.
Bark's Book Reviews 6 months ago
I think I'll do that when I hear back from her with her profile address
Murder, She Reads 6 months ago
Sounds like when you are in your settings and customization and it shows a generic page, so you can see what your page will look like, but until you save and actually check out your page you never know...I did that till I realized it when I first
Yes, that's what I just thought of as well! I remember going near-crazy wondering what all of those posts by strangers were doing on my blog ... until finally the penny dropped and I clicked to the fact that they were just generic posts plonked into the preview mode so you could test what your customized coding would do to various different types of posts.
charlton 6 months ago
I would really like to help but all I know is how to get in touch with
Obsidian Blue 6 months ago
Hopefully it gets sorted. Things were a bit slow this morning, but picked up again after a few minutes.
Kate says 6 months ago
:( Please let her know to mail me at and I'll do my best to help her out asap
Bark's Book Reviews 6 months ago
Thank you Kate! I will do so.
Bark's Book Reviews 6 months ago
She ended up throwing in the towel and deleting the whole thing. She thanks everyone for their offers to help but doesn't have enough time to spend figuring everything out :(
Aww man, that is too bad ... :(
Grimlock ♥ Inhumans 6 months ago
Damn. Sorry :(
Bark's Book Reviews 6 months ago
The lack of an easy to find FAQ or help guide was what did her in, I believe.
Tannat 6 months ago
charlton 6 months ago
Sorry to hear that :(