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I recently bought a paperback version of this. I've heard there's an awesome dog in it. That's all I know. I'm just hoping it's worth the read. Hey, your cat is comfy though!
Bark's Book Reviews 8 months ago
I didn't even know about the dog! I'll have to read it sooner rather than later now!
Does Patrick know you've tagged him as 'random crap'?
Bark's Book Reviews 8 months ago
He's been called worse, lol. Especially when he chews through charging laptop cords!
YouKneeK 8 months ago
Since a couple weeks ago we saw Patrick with a book on TOP of him, his decision to lay on this book seems like a preventative measure to me. He was probably afraid you’d try to put this brick on top of him too! ;)
Bark's Book Reviews 8 months ago
Yeah, I don't think this one would pass the squish the kitty test!
Cats have the most remarkable ability to take naps in places you'd think would be pretty uncomfortable!
Bark's Book Reviews 8 months ago
I wish I had that talent :)
Char's Horror Corner 8 months ago
Patrick is just soooo handsome!
Bark's Book Reviews 8 months ago
And I'm pretty sure he knows it!
How can he not? And that's actually a place I might take a nap, so I understand. Maybe Patrick has been staying up too late reading, too?
See? Don't know what to do with an unreadable book? Just ask your cat -- he'll be happy to help out! :D

Particularly if it shows him up to such advantage ... (but then, there seem to be few items that don't!)
Rane Aria 8 months ago
aww *holds Patrick's paw*
Murder by Death 8 months ago
Ha - this was my first thought too: reach out and hold the kitty paw! Not sure Patrick would appreciate that though, the way my cats do (or at least tolerate). But it's such an adorable paw!
charlton 8 months ago
Patrick looks so comfy!