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WhiskeyintheJar Romance 12 months ago
"They ate it up with no bitching so 5 Stars"

I've never read higher praise.
Haahha, a literal laugh out loud
Bark at the Ghouls 12 months ago
That's high praise in my house :)
Debbie's Spurts 12 months ago
I know that saturated fat is worse for high cholesterol than dietary cholesterol -- but, aren't shrimp high in dietary cholesterol?

I do best diet-wise browsing the cookbooks geared towards favorite foods and the quick preparation ones than a lot of the diet ones (although the lower sugar, lower carb, lower fat ones have had some winners) so long as they include nutrition counts. My husband is type 2 (diet rather than insulin-injection controlled) diabetes and most of the diabetes cookbooks weren't useful (strangely high in sugars and carbs, presumably to offset insulin and prevent low blood sugar) -- but, many of the low carb ones were.

My library had Trader Joe's cookbooks in their ebook program (they use overdrive) -- some tasty and healthy things in those.

And cookbooks emphasizing flavor — like herbs, spices and rubs — that can be adapted to perk up some of the more boring healthy recipes. "The Herbal Palate" by Maggie Oster is a favorite. I like substituting higher fiber anything as a magic bullet for all kinds of health issues -- like cannelini beans in place of pasta in soups.
Bark at the Ghouls 12 months ago
She said to just watch the intake of sat fat, watch cheese, no ice cream, keep meat to lean cuts twice a week, fish more often and try following this "Mediterranean" way of eating because it has been studied and is known to lower counts and keep people healthier and lean. Of course, I picked out a recipe with high cholesterol counts for my first meal, lol. I'm going to sub out a recipe or two a week and keep up with my 80 Day Obsession workouts and see how it goes. My husband likes pizza and ice cream A LOT so that is stopping now because if it is in the house I will eat it :) I'll check out your recs, thanks! We eat pretty healthy in general but can always do better.