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Char's Horror Corner 2 months ago
I enjoyed the hell out of AFTERAGE, but I LOVED ARARAT! I hope you do too and I also hope you get some reading time this weekend.
Oh, and thanks for the shout out. :)
Bark's Book Reviews 2 months ago
It was the least I could after snatching your post for myself :)
My Never Ending List 2 months ago
I enjoyed Ararat also. I listened to this novel. Good luck with finding some time for reading this weekend, lock yourself inside a bathroom :)
Bark's Book Reviews 1 month ago
The darn cats actually race me to the bathroom so they can trip me up and then chew on my toes. There is nowhere to escape, lol!
Char's Horror Corner 1 month ago
LOL Mine do too! (Well, they don't chew on my toes, but they're continuously rubbing on my legs.) "There's nowhere to run to, baby, nowhere to hide..."
Bark's Book Reviews 1 month ago
It's true and the worst part is that I've done this to myself!
My Never Ending List 1 month ago
My previous cats used to love sitting with me in the bathroom while I read in the tub. My current cat hates the bathroom, hates it! i tried locking him in there with me a few times hoping I could convince him it was relaxing and I was so miserable, he kept pacing and knocking things down. Darn cat!
Bark's Book Reviews 1 month ago
Ha! Patrick loves the bathroom. I lock him in there when he's been too bratty and he sleeps in the tub.