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Oh man, that's a bummer! I would definitely have picked this up if I saw it on Overdrive or Hoopla.
Bark's Book Reviews 5 days ago
I can send you the audio if you want to give it a go. I bore easily and don't seem to enjoy most of these true crime accounts. PM me with your address here, Twittter, or GR if you want it.
Oh how nice, I really appreciate that!
However, our tastes are quite similar, so if you didn't like it, I don't think I will either. I enjoy true crime but it has to be written, (or read), in a certain way. A boring recitation of the facts and incidental information doesn't sound good to me.
Bark's Book Reviews 5 days ago
It really wasn't very good, IMO.
Chris' Fish Place 5 days ago
Poppy Z Brite wrote a pretty good short story about this killer. Gary Krist a little bit with him in Empire of Sin (and Krist is damn good).
Bark's Book Reviews 4 days ago
I bet I read the Poppy Z. Brite story ages ago but I haven't heard of the Krist book. I'll have to look into that!