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I'm sorry to hear about your relative ... and the rest of this week's calamities. Hope the weekend is going to bring all the relaxation you need!

Extra pets to that adorable hell cat of yours ...
BrokenTune 1 month ago
Patrick!! He just looks so ready for that horror flick. :) Sorry about your relative and I hope the work stress will let up soon.
Char's Horror Corner 1 month ago
Patrick! Look at that feline playboy!
Wanda's Book Reviews 1 month ago
My thoughts exactly! Staring seductively at the camera!
Hol 1 month ago
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Person Of Interest 1 month ago
Very sorry to hear of your loss; the sudden ones often do seem harder. Hope the horror flick and Patrick's hellish charms help sooth your RL troubles.
Murder by Death 1 month ago
I feel like Patrick should have a scotch in his little paw. So very GQ.

Condolences to you and hope you have a decompressing weekend.
Tannat 1 month ago
They sell cat wine, so there must be cat scotch. Somewhere.

And I know there's sadness in your life at the moment, but look, Patrick!
Murder by Death 1 month ago
Seriously? Cat wine? That's a real thing?
I did a double take on that one as well! Fermented catnip ... or would that be cat grappa?
Tannat 1 month ago
Hahaha, yes, it had to be something with catnip. Also contains salmon oil, it appears:

I love that they also have a rescue program, though:

... and they have distributors in Europe (including Germany), Canada and Australia!!
Bark's Book Reviews 1 month ago
My finicky beasts didn't like the cat wine :( My daughter bought them some for the holidays and they all turned their nose up to it.
No accounting for taste -- in cats less than anywhere else!
Tannat 1 month ago
Bookish Penguins 1 month ago
I'm sorry to hear about your relative. My condolences. How are you enjoying your book?
Bark's Book Reviews 1 month ago
I didn't get to finish it :( But I'm at the 70% mark and it's great. I just wish I weren't so distracted. I feel like it needs to be read in one or two sittings not fifty!
Bark's Book Reviews 1 month ago
Thanks everyone. If I make it through this week, sanity still somewhat in-tact, I will survive anything. My family is now officially feuding. Everyone, please create a living will (and no, I haven't yet). I told my family to bury me in the backyard or if my husband goes before me to let the cats feast on me because I will most definitely have ten of them. I don't think they're going to abide by any of those wishes.
Murder by Death 1 month ago
The feuding is the worst - I'm so sorry y'all have that on top of everything else. I've told my family if I ever suffer cognitive impairment, shoot me full of morphine and be done with it. After that I only stress about who will take care of my cats and my books with the devotion both deserve.
Bark's Book Reviews 1 month ago
It's so awful. I am dreading the end of this week.